Surprise Dad with A Man Cave for Father’s Day in a Brandywine Home

June 11th, 2018

There are a million reasons to get dad his own man cave on Father’s Day. Maybe it’s because he needs a place to chill out at the end of a hard work day. Or after taking care of you and the kids all day, he wants to wind down in his own space. But the best reason of all is that you love him, and you want to take care of him because of all the care he’s given you.

Presenting the cave
Ordinarily, the best time to present your Father’s Day gift is during the day itself. You’d walk dad down the hall, open the door and enjoy his surprise at the well-designed room. But this deprives him of one of the main pleasures of a man cave: he gets to design it himself. Read More >

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Summer Moving Tips for Brandywine Homes

June 4th, 2018

With the kids out of school, longer daylight hours and excellent weather, summer excels as the most popular time to move. If you’re planning to change homes at this time of year, check out these tips to make everything go smoother.

1. Pick the right time
Summer can be the worst time of the year to move. Because everybody is doing it during the season, scheduling can be difficult, especially at the last minute. Prices are at their highest because demand is at the greatest. If you can possibly move outside of summer, you’ll get lower prices and a wider range of movers and times to pick from.

If you must move during the hottest season, plan at least six to eight weeks in advance or more. Don’t move during major holidays, such as the Fourth of July, during any weekend or on the first or last days of the month. Ask the moving company when their least busy days and times are so you can schedule your transfer then. Read More >

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New Home Facts to Consider When You’re Shopping for a House

May 28th, 2018

Some people automatically assume it is more expensive to move into a newly built home as opposed to a resale home. What they may not consider is by the time you knock out walls, repair or replace the roof or spring for a new, more efficient heating system or new windows, you’re really not saving as much as you thought you’d be. Plus, you’re setting yourself up for endless weekend projects – ones that don’t involve hobbies or fun! Read More >

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10 Ways to Start Planning Your SoCal Summer Cookouts Now

May 21st, 2018

Even though the much of the country this year is still thawing out from winter, here in Southern California, it’s time to start thinking about summer! Do you have Memorial Day plans? What about 4th of July? Do you usually host a cookout, but want to kick it up a little this year? What about those spontaneous Saturday nights that you just want to have friends over in your backyard?

Well, sometimes throwing a party seems a lot easier than it really is. Cooking, cleaning, and decorating can take a lot of time, leaving you too exhausted to enjoy your guests. That is why we have put together some food prepping tips as well as some simple decor tricks to help ease your hosting spirit: Read More >

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How to Choose a Home Your Kids Will Love to Visit

May 14th, 2018

There are a number of reasons why a single adult might be looking for a new multi-bedroom home. Perhaps you like to host parties with friends who stay the night, or you’re a retiree hoping to keep a few guest bedrooms for visiting family. Others simply like the spaciousness of having a variety of rooms to work with. However, as most of us know, the number one reason is divorce and separation. This is so commonplace that a child with parents who are still together now seems more unusual than the classic nuclear family. Whether the split with your spouse was a friendly mutual agreement or there’s still a few hurt feelings in the air, the one thing you can always agree on is the wellbeing of the children you made together. Read More >

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Pamper Mom in Your Brandywine Home for Mother’s Day

May 7th, 2018

There’s a standard drill you’ve been going through for Mom every Mother’s Day. Buy her flowers or chocolate and then take her out to lunch or dinner with the family. While these rituals can be fun, they may be getting a bit staid if you’ve been doing them for years. Why not change things up a bit this year by keeping the celebration in your new Brandywine home? Here are a few suggestions. Read More >

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Home Buying Tips for Single Parents

April 30th, 2018

The vast majority of buyers in the housing market are either individuals on their own or couples looking to buy a home together. As a single parent, you’re in a unique position of looking for a family home with only one adult you can count on: yourself. Not only are you taking care of your family and saving up for a down payment on a single income, without a partner to fall back on, every decision involved in the process is yours to make. Whether you’re feeling the stress or loving the freedom, buying a home as a single parent can be challenging, so we’ve put together a few quick pointers to help you prepare for the journey ahead that will hopefully end in owning the perfect home for you and your kids. Read More >

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Five Ways to Make a New House Feel Like Home Before Unpacking

April 23rd, 2018

There is a huge difference between buying a new house and buying a home someone else has lived in. A new house smells like fresh building materials and new grass, every surface is pristine, and there are no lingering little maintenance issues to worry about because you are the very first owner and occupant. Without the subtle signs of being ‘lived-in’, however, new homes can also have a subtly empty and impersonal feel, especially before you unpack.

No matter how excited you are about the house, many new homeowners have trouble feeling like the place is really theirs until they go through some symbolic claiming rituals like sleeping there for the first time or hanging up their collection of family photos. Sometimes, it doesn’t feel like home until you fill it with your furniture, but here at Brandywine, we want every new homeowner to feel at home immediately and to help, here are five ways to make your mark on a new home before the first box is unpacked. Read More >

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Five Great Home Features for a Multi-Generation Family

April 16th, 2018

When looking for a new home, the structure of your family will make a big difference in the kind of home that will work best for you. While a little one- or two-bedroom home might be perfect for a lone professional, the bigger your family, the more complicated your home needs become. While the ‘standard’ home buyers are young families or couples looking to settle down, many families today are made up of more than just two generations. If you are searching for a home that can provide a comfortable lifestyle for you, your children and your elderly parents, it’s important to realize the features that will make this enjoyable for everyone. Here are a few pointers on home features to find for your multi-generational family. Read More >

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Five Fun Ways to Spend the First Night in a New House with Your Kids

April 9th, 2018

If you, like many parent homeowners, have just bought a new house to raise your kids in, no one is more excited than the children themselves. Moving to a new place is always a big experience for children, especially if they’re old enough to understand home ownership and the implications, like no more landlords, and the freedom to modify the house however you want. Even if you managed to hold together things like bedtime, teeth brushing and good behavior throughout the move, that first night surrounded by boxes in a brand new house is often more excitement than most kids can handle. Most likely, they’re bouncing off the walls, eager to unpack boxes, explore the house, and in general chattering up a storm. Let’s face it, tonight isn’t going to be a normal routine night for any of you, so you might as well make it special. Read More >

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