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Connections to nature close to home make a difference

There’s a concept called Shinrin-yoku. It’s about spending time in nature for well-being, immersing yourself in the stillness, and getting in touch with your senses. The benefits of fresh air, sunshine, and simply enjoying the tranquility of nature are endless. Modern life is busy. Unplugging in nature is the perfect reset button to regain an ongoing sense of peace and life balance. The new single-family homes for resale in Whittier at Citra are in a coveted location near the great outdoors to enjoy the Southern California sunshine. Check out the handy dandy  Citra Interactive Vicinity Map to find all the local parks and natural wonders to easily put into practice this popular concept. One of our favorite places is Whittier Narrow Recreation Area. You can experience scenic nature and enjoy many amenities, including sports fields, tennis, pedal boating, trails, community gardens, biking trails, picnic tables, children’s play areas, golf, and more.