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12 Hacks to Make Moving Day a Snap

When the average household moves, that includes relocating around 7,400 pounds or nearly four tons of stuff – around 100 boxes for an eight-room home. Packing, moving and getting settled into a new home can be daunting for anyone. It’s an exhausting process no matter how you slice it. These pro tips, however, can make the moving process go more smoothly.

1. Label everything. Ideally, boxes and furniture should be labeled with the room where you want it. This makes it possible for anyone who’s helping to determine where a box or furniture item needs to go and may help prevent you from having to rearrange everything as soon as the movers are finally out the door.

2. Take pictures of your furniture. Before your furniture leaves the house, you should take pictures that clearly show its current condition. If you’re using movers, you’ll need this proof to establish any claims if damage does occur.

3. Set priorities. When you’re moving in, what rooms do you want to unpack first? If you have young children, you might want to get their beds set up and made to reestablish their sense of normalcy as soon as possible. If you want to be able to prepare your own meals instead of relying on takeout, your kitchen may take first priority.

4. Pack with purpose. Unless you’re in a time crunch, don’t simply throw things in whatever box or receptacle is nearest. Instead, pack neatly and with purpose, keeping items that belong in the same room together to make unpacking easier.

5. Go through items as you pack. As you pack up a room, go in with a box you want to keep, a box you want to donate and a garbage bag. Throw away items beyond repair. Donate items you don’t really need. Then, you won’t have to unpack them at the other end!

6. Load up a clear plastic bin with items you’ll need immediately. This might include cleaning solution, paper towels and a knife for slicing packing tape as well as toiletries and other important items.

7. Cover drawers with plastic wrap or press-and-seal wrap, then move intact. You’ll be able to keep the contents where they belong, saving on your packing efforts.

8. Do some research into your moving company. They’re not all created equal! You want a moving company that will protect your items and get them where they need to be on time. Look for great online reviews, especially those on social media. Pay particular attention to negative reviews, especially those that are detailed and note how the company responded to them.

9. Tape appliance cords in place. By attaching them to their appliance, you’ll prevent a mad scramble to try to figure out what goes where when you get to your new home.

10. Plastic wrap your liquids. From cosmetics to cleaning supplies, the last thing you want is the contents dumped all over the inside of a box somewhere. Unscrew the lid, put a piece of plastic wrap on top, then screw the lid back on. Voila! You now have significantly more spill-resistant liquids.

11. Move your electronics in their original boxes if possible. Those boxes were designed to provide them the highest level of protection. If those boxes aren’t available, make sure electronics are well-padded and photographed before you move.

12. Bag small parts and attach them to your items. Do you need to remove the screws and legs from your couch before getting it out the door? What about drawer pulls and other items? If you must remove small pieces, place them in zipper bags and tape them to your item.

Moving day can be a challenge, but you can handle it like a pro! By following these moving tips, you’ll discover that you’ll be better positioned to enjoy the move.

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