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13 Clever Ways to Use Leftover Wrapping Paper

It’s the morning after Christmas with the family happily enjoying their gifts in the den… and oodles of leftover shimmery, shiny wrapping paper. You thought filigreed wrapping paper from a posh boutique for your mother-in-law was an extempore, noble gift, but now you have a whole roll left! So, what to do?

We know many creatives out there will have their guests unwrap gifts slowly and carefully not ruin the wrapping paper! Why save wrapping paper? Well, there are many uses for wrapping paper; here are our thirteen top suggestions.

13. One use for leftover wrapping paper is saving it for the next season. Many people end up developing a collection of glittery rolls after many Christmases. You can find wrapping paper storage containers as specialty stores, or even on Walmart’s website here.

12. Do you have a lamp that lacks any decorative character or distinction? All it takes is a little ModPodge (a glue-like substance found at craft stores) and some leftover wrapping paper to fix that problem! Cover the lampstand with the ModPodge and glue the old wrapping paper atop it. Find out how here.

11. Have you ever considered dabbling in origami? Or, can you flawlessly construct the extremely complicated Classical Kusudama? Whatever your origami skill level, wrapping paper is similar to origami foil. Check out this site for tips on how and pictures of someone who repurposed wrapping paper as origami here.

10. Wrapping paper can also be converted into a gift bag by folding and assembling it in a couple easy steps. After reading the instructions here, you’ll be a pro at making your own gift bags.

9. A classic reuse for wrapping paper is to line ugly, boring drawers or bookcases. Whether you refurbish furniture like a professional or just need a way to jazz up drawers, here’s how to dress up some drawers. Also, here’s how you can creatively dress up a bookcase.

8. While everyone loves lusting over templates, envelopes and exquisite paper products at stationary stores, these products usually are expensive. However, this is one thing you can DIY. You can make your own envelopes and stationary with old wrapping paper. Learn how here.

7. On that note, when people pick out stationery, they usually want matching cards and envelopes. There’s a crafty way to make stationery out of used wrapping paper, too. You can make cards by using ModPodge to glue the wrapping paper to card stock (or thick computer, construction paper, etc.).

6. Like these ideas, but stuck with only Christmas-themed wrapping paper? You can use your wrapping paper as part of next year’s decorations, especially if there’s a pattern you truly love. This one is very easy, all you need is to buy frames. Next, instead of putting a picture in the frame, glue your gorgeous wrapping paper to the back of the frame. Here’s an example of how to do this project step-by-step.

5. Looking for bows for a last minute present for someone you will see on New Year’s? You can easily turn wrapping paper into adorable matching bows without making an additional trip to the store. Here’s the way to fashion bows out of unused wrapping paper.

4. We all know New Year’s is right around the corner and chances are you have another engagement lined up. You can make your own confetti; all you need is some scissors and some colorful wrapping paper. To do this project, simply cut the pieces of wrapping paper into small pieces. If you want to add some pizzazz, grab some zigzag scissors and have some fun!

3. You can also make your own paper rosettes, those circular decor pieces that hang in the air and add color to dorm rooms, kids rooms, and any room lacking a little excitement. Here’s how to make a giant party fan/ rosette!

2. If you’re feeling ambitious, you can also use your old wrapping paper as next year’s Christmas decorations. Like those folksy Christmas towns they sell at specialty stores or mall kiosks? With household boxes, wrapping paper, cotton, and twinkling lights, you can make your own Christmas alley. Use the cotton and gleaming lights for effect. Here’s how to make Christmas town.

1. Use it for scrapbooking. Christmas is over, but your memories remain, so do your photos, and so does the wrapping paper. If you scrapbook or create photo albums, the wrapping paper makes a great collage. Check out a sample here.

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