Tips for Launching a New Community Today #1

October 30th, 2012

By Dave Barisic
Vice President of Sales & Marketing
Brandywine Homes

Question: What are some effective strategies, in your opinion, for opening a new home community in the current market? What factors do you need to consider to sell new homes in California? Has this changed from years past?

Answer: Build a decent interest list in your new homes for sale by getting signage and a website up early…creating a buzz well in advance of an grand opening can make a big difference. I think that the “pre-marketing” campaigns (advertising in advance of models and a full sales push) have been extruded over the past few years. It has been much more difficult to drum up a large interest list in a short amount of time.

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Why Mortgage Rates Are So Low

October 22nd, 2012

The latest business reports say that housing conditions are improving. Yet mortgage interest rates remain low. MarketWatch writer Amy Hoak takes a look at why mortgages are as they are,  as she writes:

“Glimmers of hope in the housing market suggest a turnaround is near, with statistics showing stabilizing home prices and an increasing number of home sales.

Yet even as housing conditions improve, mortgage interest rates remain near record-low levels.

Rates on a 30-year fixed-rate mortgage averaged 3.71% for the week ending June 14, according to Freddie Mac’s weekly survey of conforming rates. Before that week, rates had broken record lows for six weeks in a row.

It’s a situation that seems to defy supply-and-demand logic: If there’s more demand in the housing market, wouldn’t the cost of borrowing funds to buy a home be on the rise?”  Continue reading the article here.



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October 16th, 2012

Top Schools, Competitive Pricing and Proximity to Job Centers Help Drive Brisk Sales of Half-Million-Dollar Homes

BUENA PARK, CA- Oct 16, 2012 – Buyers have snapped up all 18 homes in Brandywine Homes’ new Hampton community, less than six months after models opened at the end of March.

“Sales at Hampton outpaced everything we’ve done in the past five years,” said David Barisic, vice president of Brandywine Homes. “The reception we received was fantastic.”

More than 1,500 people toured the model homes at 8901 Holder St. in Buena Park the first weekend the community opened, an early indication of the high interest in these new homes.
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8 home-buying tips for 2012

October 8th, 2012

Contrary to what’s commonly discussed in news and media, buying a home in the current economy is still a possibility if you find the right real estate professional to help you.  You can still go through beginning steps of the home-buying process if you’re curious to see where you stand in comparison to the market and to the economy.  As a home-buyer, it’s important that you stay informed and aware of what you may be getting yourself into — CBS Money Watch shares 8 home-buying tips for 2012: [READ MORE..]

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One Word – Flexibility

October 1st, 2012

By Dave Barisic
Vice President – Brandywine Homes

Flexibility is a concept not often associated with the business of homebuilding.  By nature, the process of acquiring land, entitling it for development, constructing, building and selling homes is long and arduous.  Even more so today than 10 years ago, just the time spent entitling properties has almost doubled due to ever growing environmental restrictions, testing requirements and governmental bureaucracies. As a result, the product that most of us build could have been conceived two years prior to ever breaking ground on a new community.  The problem with that, which we all have seen over the last few years, is that as market conditions change, so do the wants and needs of the consumer.

As jobs became tight and mortgages became increasingly difficult to qualify for, the American homebuyer shifted his/her home buying outlook from “bigger is better” to “comfortable and responsible.” This was especially true in the Southern California infill development market.  Those of us who continued with plans for 3,000 sq. ft. homes on 3,500 sq. ft. lots paid the price, while those of us who remained flexible recognized the shift in consumer appetite and revised plans accordingly, retooling with smaller homes in more traditional configurations.  In certain instances, the re-casting of product type needed to occur in the midst of on-going construction in a single community.  It was not easy, but those who made the changes reaped the benefits or, at a minimum, avoided a catastrophe.

The concept of flexibility can be applied to a myriad of other aspects of this business, such as quickly revamping a marketing campaign that has missed the mark, being open to new and creative financing options, or exploring cost cutting construction techniques and/or alternative building materials.  It’s a very simple principle that, if employed company-wide, can lead to success in even the toughest of times.

Being flexible has been about embracing the changing housing market rather than fretting over it, and for those of us who have continued to thrive, flexibility has made all the difference.

About the Blogger
David Barisic has been Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Brandywine Homes since 2001. During his tenure, he has overseen the sale of homes in 25 communities across southern California and driven revenues of approximately $360 million. Brandywine Homes is a residential homebuilder based in Irvine, Calif., that specializes in challenging infill development.

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