November 29th, 2016

Homebuyers Attracted to Transit-Friendly Community in Award-Winning School District

Brandywine  - Lotus Court

Brandywine – Lotus Court









MONROVIA, Calif. Brandywine Homes announced today that it has sold all 13 townhomes at Lotus Court, a new community on Duarte Road near Station Square, a recently revitalized transportation hub in Monrovia, Calif.  

“Homebuyers flocked to Lotus Court because it’s a one-of-a-kind community with beautiful homes and amenities that can’t be beat,” said Dave Barisic, vice president of sales and marketing at Brandywine Homes, a pioneer of infill development in Southern California. “Lotus Court is steps away from excellent public transportation, located within an award-winning school district and offers beautiful homes and park-like common areas.” 

Lotus Court residents have easy access to the 210 Freeway and are just steps away from Monrovia Station, part of the Foothill Gold Line from Pasadena to Azusa. It is located next to the historic Santa Fe Depot, which the city of Monrovia plans to redevelop for public use as part of the overall Station Square Transit Village development, a hub of interconnected residential neighborhoods, commercial buildings, office and hospitality uses offering pedestrian-friendly public spaces and transportation alternatives.   Read More >

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Get Ready for Snow, Say New Home Builders in Southern California: Part I

November 28th, 2016

Close-up of snowed Christmas tree outdoors

It’s wonderful to run around outdoors during winter wearing just shorts and a t-shirt. The mild weather ranks as one of the top perks of living in Southern California. But if you’re from a hometown that enjoyed four seasons or love to watch holiday movies, you may feel a tinge of nostalgia and longing seeing snowflakes gently floating from the sky to cover a landscape of white.

Fortunately, you won’t have to travel to enjoy such December weather. Not when both Los Angeles and Orange Counties offer plenty of fun with the cold powder. Part I of this series talks about where to find snow in both counties. And Part II describes areas within driving distance that give you a true cold weather experience.

Garden Grove Winterfest (Dec. 3)
Quantity trumps quality at the Garden Grove Winterfest held this Saturday at the Atlantis Play Center, a city park. Enjoy over 20 tons of snow that are perfect for sledding, making snow bunnies and snow angels, and just playing in. Of course, Santa will be around and crafts will keep the entire family busy for hours. Don’t forget to bundle up because real snow is real cold. Read More >

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How The Trump Presidency Will Affect Homes For Sale

November 21st, 2016


Now that the contentious elections are over, all kinds of questions are coming up about what a Trump administration would be like concerning taxes, the economy, and trade agreements. While he has explained policies on those issues, he has said almost nothing about the housing market, which is generally on an uptrend. But that hasn’t stopped a raft of experts from trying to predict what will likely happen to homes for sale throughout the nation and specifically, in California.

Economic Excitement
For his economic agenda, Trump has promised infrastructure improvements, which, along with the president-elect’s background in business and real estate could mean more development and growth, a positive for the real estate market, says Jonathan Smoke, chief economist at Read More >

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A Guest Room to Make Overnight Guests Enjoy Your Orange County Home

November 14th, 2016


In almost every part of the country, summer is prime visiting season. However, in Southern California, the mild weather, lack of snow, and multiple tourist attractions brings visitors at any time of year. Make their stay memorable by creating a guest room using the following tips.

Welcome them before they arrive.
Send your visitors a welcome email the day before they arrive so they can start their stay early. In it, put links to useful websites, such as a Google map of the area around your home, area traffic maps and weather reports, shopping areas, and tourist attractions.

Take your cue from hotel rooms.
After a hard day of hitting the theme parks, shopping, or enjoying the beach, your guests want a nice place to sleep. So, spend your time and energy making the bed comfortable and inviting. Forget thick patterned comforters. Hotel rooms have dispensed with that type of heavy cover. Instead, they use luxurious white pillowcases and a white bed sheet with color added through a warm blanket. If you must add a pattern, use a decorative throw pillow as an accent. Read More >

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Builder: “Eight Tips for Successful Infill Building”

November 10th, 2016

Brett Whitehead, CEO of Brandywine Homes, explains his firm’s approach to successful infill development.


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Get Creative With Your Space: How to Create a Home Yoga Studio

November 7th, 2016

Woman Meditating in the Lotus Position

Your home is your sanctuary. It’s the place where you relax, unwind from a busy day, and make memories. It is also the perfect place to create a home yoga studio. Many people are interested in yoga, but they just don’t have time to take weekly classes. You shouldn’t have to give up the benefits of yoga simply because you don’t have time to drive across town to a yoga studio and take an hour-long class. If you’re someone who loves yoga, but simply doesn’t have the time for classes, consider creating a space for yoga right inside your own home. If you’re a yoga beginner, an at-home studio is the perfect place for you to learn. Try these free yoga instruction videos to help you begin your yoga journey. The way you decorate your space, and the functions you give each room, are unique to you. Here are a few helpful tips for creating the perfect yoga space. Read More >

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