Five Reasons Why We Love Open Floor Plans

April 29th, 2019

Our new homes typically feature expansive ‘great rooms’ which function as spaces for family and friends to gather without feeling the constriction of walls and closed areas. The benefits of open floor plans are many which is why we love them. Here are few of the perks to this design style:

1. Open floor plans give the illusion of more space. Smaller homes tend to look and feel bigger when there are no boundaries to cut the room in half. High or vaulted ceilings help with this look too. Read More >

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Planning a Block Party

April 22nd, 2019

Moving your family into a new home can be an exciting and fun time for everyone! Depending on the neighborhood you choose, you’re likely to see kids running up and down the street and parents milling about watching them. If you are one of these new families, this is the perfect time to consider hosting a block party. A party is a wonderful way to mingle and meet neighbors in a festive atmosphere.

If you’ve never hosted a party like this before, we’re here to help. Following are some ideas and tips to throwing the best block party on the block! Read More >

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Design Trends for 2019

April 16th, 2019

Decorating a new house can be both exciting and daunting, so we’ve curated a list of the top design trends happening right now!

1. Fully tiled walls. There are some gorgeous tiles appearing on the scene, so why just relegate them to a small space above your stove. Considering tiling an entire feature wall to show off their pattern, colors and design.
2. Lots of wood. Wood floors meet wood cabinets meet wood countertops. Balance it with metal, steel or polished concrete to achieve a modern and sleek look. Read More >

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What is an Infill Development?

April 8th, 2019

Century Village Before

At Brandywine we’re very excited about infill property. In fact, many of the new homes we build in Southern California are built in these types of areas. What does that mean to a buyer? It means instead of purchasing a brand-new home in a location that is still being developed – which can mean a lack of shopping, restaurants, supermarkets, etc. nearby – you’re purchasing in an area that is already well established.

Century Village After

We especially like to develop these types of neighborhoods because we are injecting new life into an area that might not necessarily be thriving. We can efficiently use existing land and not just build homes, but also add some nice perks such as common areas and pocket parks. It’s an exciting process to watch an urban area get a new lease on life. Read More >

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A Treasure Found in Baldwin Park

April 1st, 2019

One of the perks of building in an infill location, is sometimes a historic jewel is found on a property. For example, when we purchased a lot of land in Baldwin Park for our Palmera community – that for years housed a city-owned parking lot – we were rewarded with a little, unassuming brick building.

After doing some research we discovered this small structure, called Pacific Electric Railway Substation No. 21, played a big part in Los Angeles County’s history. Built in 1907 this building was built by the Pacific Electric Railway as a substation the served the Watts-Santa Ana Line, the Santa Ana-Orange Line and the Santa Ana-Huntington Beach Line. It was in service from 1907 until 1950. It is the last Pacific Electric substation remaining in Los Angeles County and it is today listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

On March 29, 2019, the City of Baldwin Park held a dedication to this building and installed a plaque stating the names of the organizations, city officials and companies that have contributed to the preservation of this little piece of the San Gabriel Valley history. We are very proud that Brandywine Homes is listed among them.

What does the future look for Substation No. 21? There are no firm plans in store, however, the building will be sold for redevelopment into a small retail space.

We’re thrilled that the residents of Palmera will get to pass this building and, every day get a glimpse of yesterday’s Los Angeles County. Come visit Palmera in Baldwin Park to get a look at this charming little site. And while you’re there, take a tour of our models!

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