Finding Serenity in Your Master Suite

May 27th, 2019

At the end of a long day there is nothing more relaxing than retiring to your beautifully and thoughtfully decorated master suite. Fluffy pillows, cozy comforters and peaceful surroundings invite calm. If your master bedroom is more like a catchall for random kids’ toys, paperwork and mismatched furniture we’re here to help! Follow some of these guidelines to find your zzzzz’s and your Zen.

Textures are everything! Soften your space with pillows, extra blankets, an upholstered headboard and area rugs on hard floors. Upon entering you’ll immediately feel the comfort that surrounds you. Read More >

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Finding the Perfect Roommate

May 20th, 2019

If you’re young, single and interested in owning your own home, the thought can be very daunting. Home ownership can be a difficult pursuit for couples and families…but for singles it can be even more complex. You don’t have the benefit of two salaries to cover expenses, and your down payment might not be as high as you’d like. One workaround is to consider getting a roommate or two. Some of our homes have dual masters or good-sized bedrooms with additional private spaces, which can be the perfect set up for sharing. So once you’ve decided to go this route, you’re going to need to find someone to share with. We have four tips to finding the perfect roommate: Read More >

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How Much House Do You Need?

May 13th, 2019

From castles to tiny homes to everything in between lies the perfect-sized home for you and your family. But how do you know how much you need? Some people want a bedroom and a bathroom for everyone living there with lots of space to spread out, while others prefer the coziness of a smaller house adorned with less stuff. But maybe this is your first or last home and you just don’t know? Consider these four ideas to determine what your perfect amount of space is.

To Share or Not to Share – If you have children, determine how you’d like them to spend their time. There are parents who swear their close relationship they have today is directly related to sharing bedroom space with their siblings as children. Or you may want to encourage individuality by giving each of your kids his/her own room. It’s a very personal choice. Read More >

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How to Save for Your First Home

May 6th, 2019

If you’re renting an apartment or living with your parents to save for a house, time may seem to be ticking painfully slowly until you’re ready to take that first step of moving into your very own home. But there are lots of little steps along the way you can take to, hopefully, speed up the process.

1.  Determine how much money you need. This amount doesn’t just apply to the down payment. You also need to consider the closing costs and the new monthly costs you’re about to incur. You’ll likely have larger utility bills and extra expenses you didn’t have as a renter, like HOA fees and property insurance.

2.  Set up a monthly, or even weekly, automatic bank transfer into a dedicated savings account and don’t touch it!

3.  Get a second job. Although this can seem like an exhausting option, in reality it’s only temporary and can send your savings into hyper speed.

4.  Lower your expenses by honestly determining the difference between want and need. Maybe you can ease off the Starbucks or cut the cable cord and stream your TV channels.

5.  Skip one year’s vacation. Yes…you likely need it too…especially if you’re working two jobs with no daily lattes, but consider all that money, often thousands of dollars for a holiday, going toward your new house goal. Again, this is temporary, and Hawaii will always be there!

6.  Pay off any debt you have as soon as you can and don’t incur more. It’s hard to save a good monthly amount when you’re also paying towards a maxed credit card bill or high auto loan.

With some temporary lifestyle adjustments and financial discipline, you may be able to be in your first home in no time at all! Brandywine Homes has options that cover many different price ranges throughout Southern California. Visit our neighborhoods page to see which community could be perfect for you!

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