Organizing Your Closet

June 24th, 2019

When you decide now is the time to purge your bedroom closet and reorganize it, the first step is to completely empty it and give it a good clean. Well…since you’re moving into a new house, that step is taken care of already! Your brand new closet is just beckoning you to organize and arrange it how you like. Follow these steps to setting up the closet of your dreams:

1. When you’re packing to move from your old house, this is the time to really determine what is coming with you. Start the purge on this end and unpacking will be a breeze. And as you pack, organize your items by category…accessories and such in one place, shoes in another, etc. This will help you unpack with ease. Read More >

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Orange County Business Journal: “Brandywine’s Record Year Defies National Trends”

June 17th, 2019

131-unit Riverdale community in northeast Long Beach helped propel 2018 sales


By Katie Murar

Monday, June 17, 2019

Homebuilders faced a tale of two markets in 2018: strong demand in the first half of the year downgrading to a slowdown in latter months, challenging Orange County homebuilders both public and private.

But not Irvine-based Brandywine Homes, which posted its best year yet.

The privately held Southern California infill specialist exploited strong market conditions to close 161 homes—the most in the company’s 25-year history.

“The sales pace in the first half of 2018 was so great we were able to speed up production of those homes,” said Dave Barisic, vice president of sales and marketing and son of founder Jim Barisic.

The family-owned firm had $125 million in revenue last year—more than double the $60 million a year before and a surge that earned Brandywine a spot—No. 100—on the Business Journal’s annual list of private companies for the first time ever.


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Creating the Most Welcoming Guest Room

June 17th, 2019

Once you’ve purchased your new home, let’s face it – you’re going to want to show it off! And since you live in Southern California, your out-of-state friends and family will be lining up at the airport to arrive. If your home has a bedroom not earmarked for someone in your household, what better way to welcome your guests but in their own home away from home sanctuary. Done correctly, they may not want to go home! These four indulgences will have your guests boasting about your SoCal hospitality for years to come. Read More >

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How To Choose a Neighborhood to Live In

June 10th, 2019

The amenities, features, number of bedrooms and floorplan you want in your home are important. But maybe even more important is where your home is situated. After all, location location location is the age-old answer to the question, “What is the most important factor to purchasing real estate.” In fact the best way to shop for a house is to start with the location and then create your house’s must have list. And your ideal location will directly reflect where you are in your life from a single person living alone to a family with young children to empty nesters. These factors are just a few to consider when looking for your perfect community. Read More >

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Preparing Your Outdoor Space for Summer

June 3rd, 2019

Sweet and sunny summer is nearly here! The kids will be home, vacation days are on the horizon and outdoor activities dominate. From grilling to pool parties to lounging on the patio, here are some fun things you can do to summerize your outside space:

BBQ. If you sent your grill into hibernation for the winter and spring, it’s going to need a little TLC to get ready for its summer season workout. Do a thorough cleaning on the inside (check out your manufacture’s suggestions on the best way to clean) and give the outside a good polish. If your BBQ utensils are looking weary, upgrade to a new set. For more fun, purchase some new outdoor serving platters and dishes for an extra summery treat. Next step, find some fun recipes to try! Read More >

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