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3 House Decorating Tips from California New Home Builders: Themes, Comfort and Aesthetic Recreation

So you’re buying a house from California new home builders.  The process of moving from one home to another can be a really exciting one.  If this is your first house, then you must be looking forward to the transition from an apartment to a house.  It’s going to mean a lot of space for you and your family.  If you’re leaving a smaller house and moving into a bigger one, the transition isn’t that great but can feel quite liberating after a while.  It’s always nice when there’s more than enough room for everyone so that each person can have their own space.  However, you might be wondering if you should take a different approach to decorating your new home.  Consider the following tips:

  1. Theme. A theme is something that pulls a home together.  You might have several different pieces in your home and each of them might be equally beautiful.  But if there’s nothing to pull them together, then the home seems incomplete.  Sometimes, homes develop themes spontaneously without your even realizing it.  You may have decorated your old home with a theme in mind or maybe your taste dictated the theme without your conscious knowledge.  Either way, it’s a good idea to take a look around your old home before you move and figure out what the theme is.  Then think about whether you want to continue this theme in the new home or change it altogether.  Keep your new theme in mind when buying new furniture and decorative pieces.
  2. Comfort vs. Aesthetics. You might love the idea of a Spartan, modern-looking home.  But somehow, you’ve just never been able to get comfortable on modern furniture.  Often, the ideas that people carry around with them are very different from what they really want out of a home.  Before you give in to your aesthetic tastes completely, think about what you find comfortable.  If you really love those comfy brocade couches, then why force yourself to get something you’ll hate sitting on?  Instead, do a little bit of research about styles of interior decoration and  you might find an aesthetic style you like even better than the one you thought you did.
  3. Recreate creatively. You can’t just take all the furniture from your old home and put it in your new one because it’s not going to look right.  This doesn’t mean you have to get everything new.  Just sit down and think about which pieces will fit into the new surroundings and which ones won’t.  If there are things that you really love which don’t look like they’re going to fit, think about different places you can put them.  For example, that sideboard from your old living room may be too small for your new living room.  But it might be just right for your bedroom.  So you don’t have to get rid of things if you don’t want to.  Just use them in different ways.

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