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3 Practical Tips for Decorating Your Orange County Home

Brandywine Homes Living Room

When you buy a home, you often have many great ideas about how you want to decorate it.  It’s converting the vision into reality that sometimes presents a problem.  You may have seen homes that you like and maybe you want to recreate them.  However, each home is different in terms of size, layout etc.  So you can’t just transplant everything you’ve seen in one home into another.  You also have to think about how those things would look in the home you’re planning to buy.  Here are a few practical things to consider when decorating your Orange County home.


You might love big comfy couches but these aren’t going to fit easily into a home with small rooms.  On the other hand, carved furniture with delicate arms and legs might look wonderful in a small home but will float in a large one.  So you need to consider size before you buy any items for your new home.  Some people are good at estimating size just by looking at things but others need to do this with a measuring tape.  Keep one at hand when you go furniture shopping. Want some visual inspiration? Visit our “Interior Design” page on Pinterest.


This is probably one of the most important elements of a home.  Different colors help to create different moods.  Lighter, brighter colors give an illusion of space.  They can also make you feel more energetic.  They’re great for kitchens, home offices and personal gyms where you need to motivate yourself to keep going.  However, in rooms where you need to rest, you might prefer darker, cooler colors that will help you unwind after a hard day’s work. Take a look at Brandywine’s “Design in Color” Pinterest board for more ideas.


If you’re going to be happy in your home, you should make sure that you have everything you need and want in the home.  For example, if you work from home, then convert that spare bedroom into a home office.  It makes no sense to convert it into a guest bedroom, if you don’t have that many people staying over.  If you love to work out, you might consider devoting any extra space you have towards a home gym.  If you love cooking, then make sure that your kitchen is spacious and has all the amenities you need.  Remember that your home is the space where you’re supposed to be most comfortable.  So make sure it has everything you need to make you happy.

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