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4 Common Mistakes People Make When Moving into New Housing

It’s easy to get carried away by your enthusiasm when you’re moving into new housing.  You imagine that everything is going to be perfect once you move into your new home.  But you forget about the little things which can trip you up.  Here are some common mistakes that people make when moving into their homes, which you should try to avoid:

  1. Not checking the weather. Especially if you’re doing all the moving on your own or with some friends, you should remember to check the weather before you move.  Try not to move on a really hot or a really cold day because this is going to be really exhausting for you.  More than exhausting, it can also lead to health problems if you suffer from dehydration or frostbite.  So try to move on a mild day, if possible.  Even if you’re using movers, this will ensure that your work gets done faster because they won’t have to keep stopping for breaks.
  2. Not getting a big enough van. If you’re getting a van from U-Haul, go one size over what you think you need.  Most people will give you an estimate of how big a van is required for a one-bedroom, two-bedroom etc.  There’s no harm in having a little more space than is absolutely required.  So just go with something a little bigger and save yourself the headache of making more trips than you have to.
  3. Carrying assembled furniture/equipment. Usually, when people have furniture that they’ve assembled themselves, they don’t want to take the trouble to disassemble it before carrying it to its new location.  And this shouldn’t be necessary either.  However, you might want to make sure that all the nuts and bolts have been tightened as much as possible before moving the piece.  This will make sure that nothing comes lose along the way.
  4. Not padding glassware/stemware. When you’re moving glass items from your kitchen, you need to make sure that each piece is individually wrapped in newspaper or bubble wrap.  It might be tempting to pack several plates together.  After all, they fit into each other comfortably.  But this can result in breakage, because the impact of lifting boxes and setting them down can cause the plates to bang against each other.

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