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4 Tips for Designing Your New Home in Arcadia on a Budget

When you move into a new home in Arcadia you’re generally already financially stressed.  Maybe your new home cost more than your old one.  So you’ll have a higher mortgage to pay.  Plus, there are moving expenses to be taken into consideration.  As a result, you might want to save some money when it comes to the interior decoration of your home.  You want to design on a budget without compromising quality or aesthetics.  Fortunately, there are many ways you can cut corners and still have a beautiful home.  Here are a few tips:

Shopping on Vacation

According to Huffington Post, the best shopping is done on vacation.  If you look through their list of things bought on vacation, you’ll see that they include a chandelier, a decorative piece of driftwood and a framed map to hang on the wall.  So don’t hesitate to enter that great furniture store you see on your trip abroad.  You’re likely to find something unique, made by local artisans.

If you’re worried about shipping expenses, keep an eye out for good deals.  It might turn out that the items that you like are so reasonably priced that you’ll be saving money, even when you include the cost of shipping.  

Shopping online

If you’re not planning to travel anywhere soon, you can try shopping on the internet.  It’s where you’ll find the widest variety of styles – and plenty of bargains.  According to Forbes Magazine, most people do their shopping on the internet because they get a combination of low prices, a good selection and, sometimes, free shipping.

Some things to keep in mind when shopping online: Does the company look reliable and trustworthy? Do their products get good reviews? Liberal usage of the words “free” and “zero” might indicate that they’re trying to get rid of inferior quality goods.

Testing for Quality

There are many stores that sell cheap furniture.  Plus, it’s always possible to walk into a high-end store and look at what they have on sale.  The biggest consideration, though, is quality. People tend to keep furniture a long time. Make sure what you buy can stand up to years of use.

For instance, to consider is the quality of the wood.  Is the item made of solid wood or pressed wood?  Generally, if something is heavier, it’s made of solid wood.  Plus, you can also see the grain of the wood more clearly when it’s solid.  The lighter pieces where the grain is not clearly visible are likely to be pressed wood, which doesn’t last as long as solid wood.

Read this article from Money Talks News to learn more about wood types and get some tips on finding free stuff and haggling. 

Vintage/Antique/Secondhand Stores

It’s a good idea to look in any vintage or antique stores in your area.  There’s also gems to be found hidden in Salvation Army or Goodwill stores.  Even if you don’t find furniture, you can keep an eye out for draperies, decorative pieces and artwork.

You often find original artwork in gorgeous frames in vintage stores.  If you don’t like the painting, you can always replace it with a print by your favorite artist.  You’ll still have the carved frame to go with it.

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