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5 Benefits of Urban Infill

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Developers are becoming increasingly excited about a process that has been dubbed urban infill. This is a practice that involves taking an empty lot and filling it with a lovely new home or commercial building. There are several reasons why everyone benefits from this practice.

Gives the Community a Face Lift

As communities age, they start to develop a tired, old fashioned look. When there are several empty lots, or lots that have dilapidated, abandoned buildings on them, the community develops a shady reputation and people become reluctant to move into the area. Urban infill provides beautiful new buildings, which in turn improves the community’s appearance and reputation and encourages people and businesses to return to the area.

Resources are Readily Available

The empty lots are ready to go. They already have access to things like water, electricity, and septic systems. Having these resources readily available means builders don’t have to wait for the systems to be connected and it reduces the number of people that have to be brought into the project, further reducing the price of the project.

Close Proximity to Amenities

Urban infill provides housing in areas that are close to local amenities. Being located close to things like grocery stores, schools, doctors, and work reduces the cost of living for people who move into these newly filled lots. An added bonus is that urban infill means a higher population and encourages cities to create more city resources, such as public transportation.

Lowers City Costs

Community leaders love urban infill because it means less strain on the community’s finances. More people living in the heart of the community means that less money needs to be spent on everything from creating roads, providing police protection, and utility services. Having people living in the city also means that the city will be bring in more annual tax income.

Urban infill is a practice that benefits everybody. If you have any questions about urban infill, please contact us. Thanks.