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5 Tips to Get to Know Your New Neighbors in Torrance CA

If you’re just moving into a new home in Torrance CA by Brandywine Homes there’s no better time to get to know your neighbors.  Many people feel like they’re too busy when they first move in.  So they keep putting it off until finally, it’s too late.  Once six months or so have passed, you’ve probably gotten into a routine of just nodding at your neighbors when you see them, and it’s difficult to get out of this habit and invite them over for dinner.  So it’s best to do this when you first move in.  Here are a few tips for entertaining at home:

  1. Go outdoors.  If the weather permits, it’s always nice to have a lawn party.  Just clean up your backyard a little bit and arrange a few tables and chairs to accommodate everyone.  You don’t need to have a very nice table but it helps to get a pretty tablecloth.  Place a few flower arrangements on your tables and serve your food in real plates and bowls rather than paper plates.  Keep in mind that the things you use don’t have to be expensive, just pretty.  A trip to IKEA will probably furnish you with everything you need at a cheap price.  Plus, you’ll surely be able to use it all later.
  2. Food.  If the weather is warm, you can go with something light to eat like a salad with greens and a few pieces of fruit thrown in so that you get that juicy, sweet feeling in your mouth.  A pasta salad is also a good idea because it’s easy to manage when you’re serving food outdoors.  You probably want to stay away from rich gravies or sauces which might create a mess.  For some great outdoor eating ideas, check out this article from Real Simple magazine for turkey wraps and yin-yang sandwiches.  Make sure you take a look at the way in which everything is served as well because good food is often about presentation.
  3. Drink.  You probably want to keep some beers in a cooler at hand, especially if you’re going with the outdoors idea.  However, it can be even more fun to prepare some colorful cocktails and serve them in fancy glasses to your neighbors.  If you don’t know much about cocktail preparation, check out this list of 25 cocktails from Serious Eats.  You may not realize it but many cocktails are easier to make than you think.  A martini only requires gin, vermouth and an olive.  A daiquiri requires light rum, lime juice and sugar.  For a margarita, you need lemons, limes, tequila and triple sec (an orange liqueur).
  4. Music/Games.  When you invite people over, you don’t just need to provide them with food.  A little bit of entertainment will not go amiss.  So make sure you have some music playing in the background, which doesn’t interfere with conversation.  Of course, if your guests decide to start dancing, you can always turn it up!  Have a pack of cards on hand, in case the people you invite like to play card games.  Board games can also be fun, for kids as well as adults.  Literary folks will definitely indulge in a game of scrabble once the food has been eaten and the tables are empty.  Chess gets to be a bit silent and can change the mood of a party but if your neighbors are chess players, then why not?
  5. Conversation.  Not everyone is a born conversationalist and you may have no idea how to steer the conversation at a get-together.  However, keep in mind that this is not some large society function or charity benefit.  The idea is to get to know your neighbors.  So it’s best to keep things as casual as possible.  Of course, you can’t stick to the same people throughout your party.  You do have to keep moving around as new people come in.  And if it seems that they don’t already know each other, you should make an effort to introduce them to each other.  One great way of doing this can be seen in Bridget Jones’ Diary where Renee Zellweger introduces people by telling them a little bit about each other.  For example, she says, “This is Mark Darcy.  Mark’s a top barrister.  He comes from Garth and Underwood.” If you know that the two people have something in common, be sure to mention it.

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