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6 Different Decorating Styles for Your Orange County Home

6 Different Decorating Styles for Your Orange County Home

One of the great things about buying a new construction Orange County home is that you have a blank slate. If you haven’t identified your decorating style, designing your new digs could feel like a daunting task. Instead of stressing out, have fun with it by enlisting the help of family and friends and exploring ideas online. According to an article on a “cheater’s formula for decorating,” don’t choose your paint colors first. Instead, figure out your decorating style. Start Pinterest boards for different rooms.  Write down adjectives that describe the mood or feeling you want to achieve. To choose your color palette, find a lead decor item such as furniture, rug or art to anchor the room. Don’t let your home’s elevation or architectural style completely dictate your interior design choices. Whether you have a traditional or modern exterior for your Orange County home, you can play express different decorating styles.


According to a piece by HGTV, the traditional style receives its inspiration from 18th century England and the French countryside. For a traditional look, choose small print on pillows, tailored window treatments and still-life oil paintings. Good color choices are bronze accents, warm tones, peach and green tones. If you tend to use adjectives such as “plush” or “refined,” you have traditional design tastes.

Coastal or Tuscan

The Tuscan style in California is comparable to the coastal design style that’s popular for people on the East Coast. Tuscan interior design is more rustic with terra-cotta tiles, textured walls and earthy tones. The coastal style is bright and airy with a casual and relaxing atmosphere. Some ideas include using wrought iron accessories, painted ceramic pieces and beamed ceilings.


The modern style shines through with a minimalist approach. Clean, simple lines and uncluttered space is part of what makes a space modern. For a modern kitchen, use a lot of stainless steel. Modern furniture today is more comfortable than modern furniture from the 1960s and ’70s, but is still streamlined. Some of the common colors used in modern design include black, white, neutrals and pops of red and yellow.


If you feel like you have multiple personalities when it comes to your design taste, you may identify with the transitional style, influenced by traditional and modern styles. According to an article by HGTV, the transitional style is a marriage of traditional and contemporary fabrics, finishes and materials. The palette relies on tan, vanilla and beige as well as dark brown. For furniture, choose pieces that combine curves and straight lines. Simplicity and sophistication are the best adjectives for transitional.

Industrial chic

Even if you just bought a new construction home, you can still enjoy a touch of the industrial style. People who live in urban areas in old warehouses converted into lofts often choose the industrial style. Bold and vibrant, the style is edgy and chic with materials such as wood, concrete, glass and metal. Some easy ways to bring an industrial style into a new home include hanging vintage pendants in the kitchen with stainless steel appliances and countertops. Use a metal tool chest as a nightstand or metal pipes for a bed’s headboard.


If you like a little of every style, you can decorate with an eclectic mix of different furnishes, rugs, accessories, artwork and paint colors. Some rooms could have an energizing feeling, while other spaces are serene and calming. People who have moved around, traveled or collected a variety of art pieces and furniture including antiques and modern pieces can pull it all together in a new Orange County home. The nice thing about an eclectic style is you don’t have to put your grandmother’s vintage dresser in storage because everything blends together.

At Brandywine Homes, we have new homes for people who love to express themselves. Our homes in Southern California will inspire your creativity. For more information about getting on an interest list or touring new home models, please contact us.