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9 Ways to Pull Off Winter Fashion Trends Even in Our Warm Climate

Southern California is a great place to live no matter the time of year. Yet, you might find yourself, at times, a little envious of your friends who can wear great winter fashions without getting too hot (although not envious enough to trade your flip-flops and the sun for snow and icy roads). Fortunately, there are at least nine ways you can embrace winter fashion in our area without overheating.

1. Ditch the Sleeves

If you want to wear great winter apparel, get it in the sleeveless variety. This includes sleeveless coats, turtlenecks, sweaters, and other clothing. Vests layered over other clothing are also a great way to enjoy the winter look while not getting too warm.

2. Boots

Boots are a great addition to any winter wardrobe. While you likely want to avoid heavy boots, which may leave your feet hot, ankle boots and other lightweight boots, can still give your style a winter feel. Lightweight socks can be added to your look to give it even more of a winter feel. If you want to feel wintery at home, you can purchase slipper boots to wear around the house.

3. Lightweight Scarves

While your friends in snowy parts of the country wrap up in heavy scarves to stay warm, you can enjoy the beauty of a great scarf without overheating. Lightweight scarves can be purchased at many stores. Get a few so you’ll have one that will match whatever outfit you are wearing.

4. Suede Skirt

Suede is an awesome winter fabric. Unfortunately, it is also a heavy fabric, so it is not something you want to wear in excess. A suede knee-length or shorter skirt is the perfect compromise.

5. Mix the Short and Long

Wearing a short skirt combined with a long jacket will give you a winter look without the fear of overheating. To keep yourself cooler, pick a lightweight jacket. Lighter colors and well as rolling up the sleeves will also help to keep you cooler.

6. Think Colors

Pick darker, wintery colors for your clothing and accessories to give it more of a winter feel. Maroon, black and navy blue are good colors to wear in the winter. You may even want to switch out your nail polish. Replacing light pink and baby blue with a darker red or navy blue nail polish will give your look a great winter tone.

7. Hats

Beanies and winter are practically synonymous. While people in colder climates wear them to keep their heads warm, you can enjoy a beanie or other winter-looking hat as part of your winter wardrobe even in our warm weather. A beanie makes you look like you are ready for the winter without making you overly warm. Plus, they are a wonderful accessory no matter how casual or dressy or your outfit.

8. Lightweight Outerwear

Cardigans, light jackets and lightweight sweatshirts are a great way to enjoy the spirit of winter without getting too warm. They can be layered over a lightweight top. If you find yourself getting too hot, you can take off your outer layer and drape it over your arm or place it somewhere you can easily find it again.

9. Plaid

Plaid just has a cooler weather feel to it. Get a lightweight plaid shirt, wear it with or without a lightweight layer over it, and you are set to enjoy our still-warm winter weather.

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