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A fun, new Thanksgiving tradition from the Brandywine family to yours

Keep the holiday spirit of thankfulness going creatively with a Thanksgiving gratitude jar. This is an excellent idea that you and your family can use year after year. Plus, it’s an easy craft project. Find a jar and give it some Thanksgiving embellishments with whatever supplies you have in the house. Put your jar out now. Throughout the month, family members can add things to the jar they are thankful for by writing them on small slips of paper and placing the jar notes. Then they all can be shared at dinner on Thanksgiving Day. Or add to the gratitude and keep the gratitude jar going strong until Christmas or New Year’s Eve. Even though the holidays are different this year, gratitude is timeless. When we take a moment and appreciate all we still have, it’s a comforting feeling. At Brandywine Homes, it’s our honor to offer you beautiful and spacious new homes like the ones at Saddle Creek to create new traditions and memories now and for years to come.