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A Guest Room to Make Overnight Guests Enjoy Your Orange County Home


In almost every part of the country, summer is prime visiting season. However, in Southern California, the mild weather, lack of snow, and multiple tourist attractions brings visitors at any time of year. Make their stay memorable by creating a guest room using the following tips.

Welcome them before they arrive.
Send your visitors a welcome email the day before they arrive so they can start their stay early. In it, put links to useful websites, such as a Google map of the area around your home, area traffic maps and weather reports, shopping areas, and tourist attractions.

Take your cue from hotel rooms.
After a hard day of hitting the theme parks, shopping, or enjoying the beach, your guests want a nice place to sleep. So, spend your time and energy making the bed comfortable and inviting. Forget thick patterned comforters. Hotel rooms have dispensed with that type of heavy cover. Instead, they use luxurious white pillowcases and a white bed sheet with color added through a warm blanket. If you must add a pattern, use a decorative throw pillow as an accent.

Emphasize space.
No one likes sleeping in a space that feels like it’s closing in on him or her, so maximize the space in your guest accommodations. Using few pieces of furniture will make even small rooms seem larger. All that a guest room really needs is a bed, a source of light, and a stand for the suitcase. If your guests are staying long enough to do their own wash, include a laundry bag or basket.

If you have room, add a night stand, a wastebasket, an empty chest of drawers, and a coat rack or empty closet rod. Wall hooks and extra hangers are a necessity for folks who pack a lot of clothes. A comfortable easy chair with a reading lamp is a luxury for those who like to read or need a place to relax.

Help with the planning.
Even though they may have done their research, guests will always ask for your suggestions on what they should see or do. Help them out by getting brochures from your local tourist office or from the advertising racks at hotels and tourist attractions. A printed map of your city with your house marked out will help orient visitors.

Give them stuff.
At first class hotels, guests receive their own toiletries, among other goodies. You can mimic this by providing sample sizes of shampoo, conditioner, hand lotion, soap, and toothpaste, as well as a toothbrush, razor, shower cap, and other hygiene products to your visitors. Organize these items in a basket that you place on top of a set of towels that’s been folded for guest use. So they won’t be confused with family linens, guest towels should have a different color or pattern for your guests.

Add some luxury.
Luxurious and thoughtful touches elevate the guest experience beyond the ordinary. Fresh flowers delight with color and fragrance while a fruit basket puts hunger pangs at bay. Add a luxe robe and slippers for each of your guests. A chocolate on their pillow will cap their five-star stay.

If you want more suggestions on what to do with the rooms in your Brandywine Home, or want to tour guest rooms in our model homes, please contact us.