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A Vacation Reward for Buying A Los Angeles County Home for Sale


Touring models, picking a floor plan, and choosing decorating options: these were the fun parts of buying your new Los Angeles County home. Filling out the paperwork, packing up your old home, moving everyone in, and unpacking: not so much. It’s time to reward yourself for getting the job done by going on a vacation. Bring the family along if you want or cart the kids off to grandma, so you and your special someone can spend some time alone.

You don’t want the trip to break the bank. After all, you just spent a good chunk of change on a home. You also want a quick break, maybe over a long weekend, since you do want to get back to enjoying your new purchase. It’s lucky that you live in one of the world’s top vacation spots. Here are three suggestions that are quick and easy on the budget.

Take The Train
The journey becomes as memorable as the destination if you take Amtrak. Park the car at or get a ride to Union Station in downtown LA. Allow some time to marvel at the Art Deco styling of the interior. If you buy business class tickets, you can spend time in the Amtrak Metropolitan Lounge with its comfy chairs, drinks, and snacks. You also get reserved seats in a special train car.
The easy destination? San Diego, which takes almost as long to reach by train as it does by car, without any of the traffic hassles. You could spend the entire weekend at Balboa Park, the city’s cultural heart. Consider getting a Multi-Day Explorer pass if you want to cram as many of the 17 museums in as you can during your journey. If you’ve brought the family, visits to the world famous San Diego Zoo and SeaWorld are musts.

Island Getaway
Hope on a ferry in San Pedro or Long Beach and enjoy the one-hour ride to Catalina Island. If you’re lucky, you may spot dolphins and whales on the way there. In contrast to the mainland, private cars are rare on the island. In fact, there’s currently a 14-year waiting list to own a vehicle. You can easily get around on foot or by golf cart, shuttle vans, trolley service, or taxis.
Dial down and enjoy the fresh air and clear water. Up the romance by booking one of the many bed-and-breakfasts in the city of Avalon. Relive the Big Band era with a tour of the Avalon Ballroom or catch a movie at its ornate theater. If you prefer active adventures, go on a Cape Canyon Expedition, rush down one of five zip lines, or explore the water by kayak.

One of The Least Visited National Parks
When you need to truly get away from it all, start with an orientation at the Robert J. Lagomarsino Visitor’s Center in Ventura. Then head for the harbor to board one of the park concessionaire boats to reach the Channel Islands, one of the least visited of all America’s national parks. You’ll need to bring your own tent and supplies because the park has no lodging, food, and limited water at some campgrounds. You’ll be rewarded with a total respite from urban life. You can surf at Santa Rosa Island, snorkel at Santa Barbara Island, or go on a guided hike on Santa Cruz. Otherwise, camping, picnicking, wildlife and wildflower viewing, beach walking, and water sports are allowed on many of the islands.

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