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Anaheim’s 162-Year Transformation

Often when we think of Anaheim, we relate it to arguably the world’s most famous theme park, professional sports teams and stadiums. The Honda Center, Angel Stadium, the Anaheim Ducks and the Los Angeles Angels all call Anaheim home. Also within its city limits are beautiful parks, outdoor spaces, museums and delicious food options including the Anaheim Packing District. Located in Orange County, it’s close enough to drive to both Los Angeles and San Diego for the day or a weekend getaway. And some people are lucky enough to live here!

Its history is equably as interesting as its location. The name Anaheim is a blending of the word Ana, named after the Santa Ana River and heim the German word for home – literally home by the Santa Ana River – and originally spelled Annaheim. Founded in 1857 by 50 German Americans who originated from Bavaria, these settlers were searching throughout California for a place to grow and harvest grapes. The area became the largest wine producer in California until 1884, when a disease infected the plants and, consequently, destroyed the entire Anaheim wine industry one year later.

The cultivation of oranges replaced grapes as the backbone of Anaheim’s agriculture. The city remained a largely rural farming community during the first half of the 20th century before the iconic resort (which cannot be named here because it’s trademarked) opened to the public on July 17, 1955.

The face of Anaheim changed almost overnight as hotels, restaurants and other services grew near the resort, followed by new residential neighborhoods. The city also developed into an industrial center, producing electronics, aircraft parts and canned fruit.

In 1950, the city’s population was under 15,000. By 2000, it had passed 328,000.

Anaheim Stadium (now Angel Stadium) was built in 1966 for major league baseball, followed by The Anaheim Convention Center in 1967. Arrowhead Pond Ice Arena (now the Honda Center) was built across the street from the baseball stadium in 1993 to accommodate Anaheim’s National Hockey League team. Ongoing development of homes, retail, hotels and office space in the city’s Platinum Triable near the sports complexes will ensure Anaheim remains a vibrant community for years to come.

For its convenient Orange County location and proximity to endless entertainment and cultural experiences, Brandywine Homes has chosen Anaheim as its locale for Treviso. Treviso is an intimate enclave of 22 luxury townhomes inspired by Spanish architecture, paying homage to the area’s Spanish population. Nearly completed, those wishing to live in this Orange County hub can sign up for the interest list now.

Of course, if you do decide to purchase a home at Treviso in Anaheim, you should expect a lot of visitors!