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California New Home Builder Encourages You to Make Your Laundry Room Your Own

As California new home builders, we want you to love your new home, but we understand part of loving your new home is making it your own. Making a home your own often starts with concentrating on one room at a time and getting the most out of that room. Because the laundry room is an often overlooked room, we thought we would offer some tips on creating a wonderful laundry room in your new home. 

Add Some Color

Without a little color, a laundry room can be a boring place where you simply wash your clothes. Oftentimes, you can purchase washers and dryers in a variety of colors, but even if you have stainless steel or white appliances in your laundry room, you can add color in other ways. Paint the walls a bright color. Brightly colored carpeting and wall hangings can also add a little personality to your laundry room.

Create More Storage Space

While many of our homes have great convenient cabinetry in the laundry rooms, sometimes that is not enough storage space. Many front load washers and dryers can be elevated with base pedestals, which offer storage drawers under your washer and dryer. A pedestal also brings both machines up to a more comfortable height to load and unload. While you can often purchase pedestals created specifically for your washer and dryer, you can also create your own.

Extra storage space can also be added by including freestanding storage containers in your laundry room. Plastic storage bins are great for storing liquids. If the liquids tip over, they are going to be easier to clean out of a plastic drawer than they would be if the items spill in wooden drawers or through metal storage containers. Of course, metal and wooden storage containers often look a little nicer than plastic containers, so the type of storage containers you choose to add to your laundry room is completely about what fits best with your lifestyle. 

Include Laundry Baskets in Laundry Room

Having several laundry baskets in the laundry room can make doing your laundry more convenient. Label the baskets based upon clothing coloring or material type. Then family members can throw dirty clothing in the baskets right away, allowing for convenient presorting. 

Create a Drying Rack

A great way to save money on drying your clothes is to use a drying rack. While they can be purchased and placed just about anywhere in your home, sometimes the most convenient method is to have a clothes drying rack which stays in one place. Consider this homemade drying rack, which can accommodate several layers of clothing and which attaches to the wall. The drying rack can be folded up when not in use and folded down when needed.

Contact us to learn about the variety of homes we currently have available in Southern California. We look forward to helping you find the perfect home where you can create your perfect laundry room as well as other great rooms and memories.