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California New Home Builders That Cater to Millennials

A growing number of Millennials are ready to become first-time homebuyers. According to a recentarticle by D & C, Millennials now represent the largest share of homebuyers in the country. People in their 20s and early 30s account for 31 percent of the homebuyers, following by Generation X and baby boomers. Seventy-six percent of first-time homebuyers are Millennials. Experts say the generation is quite diverse when it comes to what kind of neighborhood they prefer. Many Millennials gravitate to urban infill projects that are pedestrian friendly. If you considering buying your first home, check out California new home builders that are bringing forgotten towns and cities back to life with live/work architectural spaces.

Living in a gated community

Like other generations, Millennials want to feel safe. California new home builders often create gated communities because many buyers grew up in a time of uncertainty. Gated communities and home security systems deter crime as well as unwelcomed “pop by” visits from friends or in-laws.

Having space to spread out

California new home builders offer several different floor plans because every young family, individual or couple is different. Some people want a main floor bedroom, while others prefer to keep all the bedrooms together on the second floor. A loft space on the second floor is a popular feature in floor plans because it can create a dramatic effect by opening to the space below.

Getting qualified for more home

Millennials are often just starting out in their careers. California new home builders offer homes at different price points. Some young buyers have saved up a substantial amount of money for a down payment, while others take advantage of first time home-buyer programs. If they can’t qualify for the home of their dreams, the younger generation of homebuyers isn’t shy about asking their parents for assistance. According to a recent report by Trulia, half of Millennials ask their parents or other relatives for down payment assistance.

Brandywine Homes, a pioneer of infill development in Southern California, builds spectacular homes for home owners who want to live, work and play in the same community. For more information, please contact us.