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Common Mistakes When Looking for Homes for Sale

With the housing market finally picking up, you’ve finally decided to buy one of those homes for sale that you keep seeing advertised. But before you jump into the biggest investment you’ll make in your life, follow a few tips so you don’t drown in unfamiliar waters.

Find out how much house you can afford. Don’t fall in love with the house of your dreams only to discover that there’s no way you can buy it. Visit a banker or mortgage broker before you start the house hunt so he can figure out what type of house will fit your financing. Then you can spend all of your time looking at models that are totally within your price range.

Budget for all the costs of owning a home. One advantage of owning a new home instead of an old one is that you don’t have to spend any money making repairs. However, that doesn’t mean that all you spend per month is the mortgage. You need to account for property taxes, insurances, utilities, and homeowner association dues that may have been folded into your previous monthly rental fee. You must also set aside money for maintenance if you want your home to stay as good as new.

Focusing on the details. Model homes contain decorative touches that are meant to impress potential buyers but may not be part of the final price. Don’t fall in love with a home because it has the right paint, wallpaper, and furniture, because this won’t be in the house you buy. Instead, look for total square footage, the flow of rooms, and how your family can make use of any rooms and amenities. You can always define your own details after you move in.

If you want to get your househunt started, contact us first so we can discuss the options available to you.