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Creating the Most Welcoming Guest Room

Once you’ve purchased your new home, let’s face it – you’re going to want to show it off! And since you live in Southern California, your out-of-state friends and family will be lining up at the airport to arrive. If your home has a bedroom not earmarked for someone in your household, what better way to welcome your guests but in their own home away from home sanctuary. Done correctly, they may not want to go home! These four indulgences will have your guests boasting about your SoCal hospitality for years to come.

1. Luxurious Linens
Nothing says a good night’s sleep than soft, fresh linens. After your guests spend the day trekking through one of the numerous theme parks in the area, they’ll relish the idea of slipping between high thread count sheets and a soft, puffy duvet. And splurge a little on your mattress. Some people will put an old unused bed in the guest room, which may be more uncomfortable than you know – and your visitors will probably not tell you.

2. Soft Surroundings
Paint your room in soft neutral colors and pile up the textures with extra blankets, pillows and a plush area rug. Leave some soft towels for them as well, and if your budget permits, a terry bathrobe and some slippers will have them thinking they’ve just checked into a five-star resort.

3. Creature Comforts
Guests can be forgetful and may be uncomfortable asking for the items they left behind. Ease their worry but leaving a basketful of items they can use during their stay like a toothbrush, toothpaste, a hair dryer, lotion, razor, soap and high-end shampoo and conditioner. They’ll be so appreciative, and having immediate access to these products will hold them over until they can get to the store.

4. Technology Touches
Once your guests have “checked in,” they’re probably going to need to catch up with their media. A nice way to welcome them is with easy access to your Wi-Fi password, chargers for both android and Apple products, and if you’re guests are coming from overseas, they will love having a electrical converter already set up, so they don’t have to search through their cases to find theirs.

The best way to determine if your room is good enough for your friends and family is to spend a night there yourself. That way you’ll know what tweaks need to be made to ensure a wonderful stay in your new home.

Brandywine Homes has communities all around Southern California, so once you move into your new house, it’s a fast bet your email will be pinging with subtle and some not-so-subtle requests for a holiday at your house! In fact, Treviso is being built right in the heart of Anaheim!
Many will say if you make your home too comfortable, your guests may not leave. They, of course, will leave but with wonderful memories you helped them make.