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Creative Options for A Spare Room

Like most things in our lives, our homes also experience a flux. Sometimes you have a full house with every room utilized and sometimes those rooms are vacated and left empty – especially true for empty nesters. Often people buy homes with extra rooms which sit empty until their purpose has been defined. The obvious choices are a home office, study or guest room. But if you think a little outside the box, that extra real estate can be an escape you may have not even considered!

Hobby Room. Do you love to sew, quilt, paint or collect model trains? Imagine an entire space dedicated to the one thing you love. You can construct the appropriate storage, work space or display cases you need to truly admire and participate in your craft without distractions.

Home Theater. If the room size allows, what better place to spend your weekends than in your own cozy home theater. Invest in some theater seating, good lighting, a projector and a quality screen and the only thing you’ll need to finish up is the popcorn!

Home Gym. Line a wall with mirrors, research and invest in equipment that will help you reach your goal and tada! You have an alternative to a monthly gym membership. You can include a small fridge for drinks and healthy snacks and TV and sound system.

Dressing Room. Not just for the rich and famous, a dedicated dressing room is wonderful way to ease the burden on your closet, which might not be quite big enough to hold everything you own. They are handy, also, for couples who have opposite schedules where lights being turned on to get ready interrupt the other person’s sleep.

So, if you’re in the market for a new home, this is a good time to consider the benefit of having a little extra space. A four-bedroom home with only two people living there can be an exciting opportunity to customize that extra space into whatever you want! Brandywine Homes has a variety of home sizes to fit lots of needs. Tour our models to envision which room you can personalize just for you!