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Decorating Orange County Homes: Visualizing and Being Practical

By the time that people buy an Orange county home and move from their old home into their new one, they’re so tired that they don’t have the energy it takes to decorate.  Even hiring an interior decorator who’s going to be pottering around all the time seems like such a chore.  As a result, they tend to just put the furniture where it seems convenient and leave boxes unopened for a while.  After some time, it almost seems as though there’s no reason to move anything into a better position or buy new things for your home.  You get used to seeing things a certain way and you forget that you ever meant to change anything!

Don’t let this happen to you.  Consider the following tips:


Before you move into the home, while it’s still bare, close your eyes and think about how you’d like it to look, ideally.  This is the time to give your imagination free rein.  Even if what you’re thinking about is outside your budget, don’t worry.  You can always find a cost-effective replacement.  Then write down exactly what you saw in your mind so that you can recall it when you go furniture shopping.  And don’t forget to get the measurements of your new home either or you’ll end up with furniture that’s much too big or much too small.

Be Practical

Visualizing your dream home is one thing.  But you also have to be practical.  You can’t buy things that aren’t going to fit or things that will get dirty too soon.  White couches may seem like a great idea at first but as soon as your dog crawls up onto his favorite seat, you’ll regret your purchase.  If you have kids, you might want to stay away from easily breakable pieces and light colors.  At the same time, don’t get to be so practical that your interiors become boring.  You have to strike the right balance.

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