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Decorating Your Home With a Coastal Vibe

Living on an oceanfront coastline may be a dream a little out of reach for many, but living the coastal dream within your own home may be attainable. In fact, coastal décor is one of the hottest decorating trends today! So, let’s bring the beach to the suburbs and the city with some breezy, ocean-inspired ideas.

1. Start With The Walls. Hues such as pale greens, blues, creams and beiges are soothing coastal colors and you can use more than one because they all work so nicely together. You may want to have one statement color and then choose others to complement it.
2. Bring the Outdoors Inside. Your furniture should mimic and incorporate natural elements like cotton, wood and stone. A live edge (a wooden table with a more natural edge) table in the dining room with solid wicker chairs works beautifully and lends a wonderful outdoor feeling. If space allows and you have optimum light, place indoor palm trees around the room.
3. Layer Neutral Fabrics. In keeping with the color choices for your walls, incorporate them in the fabrics around your room – from scatter rugs to a fabric ottoman to layered blankets, pillows and throws. And instead heavy drapes, consider sheers that will catch the wind when the windows are open.
4. Take it Easy on the Shells. The same goes for driftwood and sand. You don’t want to add too much kitsch to your elegant breezy décor. If you must, use these elements sparingly and not as a focal point, but more in the background.
5. Open Shelves in the Kitchen. To get that cottagey feel, change out cabinets for shelves for your dishes and glasses in the kitchen. It’s not only functional but makes the room feel very open and welcoming. Complement it with a colorful backsplash.
6. Paint Your Wood. If you’re brave enough and feel competent, painting wood items like a coffee table, fireplace mantle and even your stairs, adds a rustic beachy feel often seen only in true seaside getaways.

A beachy décor kindles a less formal and relaxed feeling in your home. If you want to experiment on a smaller scale before committing to the entire house, start in a bathroom or a spare bedroom. Brandywine Homes’ Southern California location means you have ample neighborhoods to choose from that are at most an hour from a beach, so it makes sense to shorten the gap with a beautiful coastal feel within your own home!