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Decorating Your Table With Wine Glasses In Your New Home

Wine glasses are so much more than just the things we sip from in the evenings. Sure, their long handles and wide bases are perfect for holding that delicious dinner beverage. But wine glasses can go further than you ever imagined. Next time you’re holding a dinner party, grab some extra wine glasses from your pantry and use these tips to include them in your table decorations.

• First, turn the glasses upside down, then fill the bowl with almost anything. Flowers, beads, lights, and ornaments, or even a handful of tulle or lace can make an eye-catching design.

• When upside down, wine glasses make excellent candle pillars. This elegant design incorporates the previous upside down wine glass idea with candles, which always add elegance to a table. Consider using an array of colored candles to match the colors of your party or to match the season.

• Spray paint the handles and bases of wine glasses, or paint thin zigzag stripes along the bowls. Monogram them with guests initials and use them to explain the seating arrangement. (This is a more practical use of wine glasses, but will keep everyone drinking out of their own glass!)

• Use the bowl as a display for photos or other pictures you want to make visible. To do this, simply print extra copies of some of your favorite photos to fit inside the glasses. Either set them in flat, or press them gently against the inside edge of the bowl. Use just a dot of Elmer’s glue to keep them in place. This is perfect if your dinner party is in honor of a special birthday or anniversary.

• Fill the bowl with water, and set a floating candle inside. Consider adding a drop of food coloring to the water, or some glycerin and glitter for a little extra shimmer. Or place water beads or flowers in the water.

• Tie a ribbon or a wide piece of fabric around the base of wine glasses. This is simple, but can add so much style.

• Place the wine glasses all in a row in the center of your table, each tied with long bows, and add a large silk flower (cut the stem off first!) to the inside of each wine glass, as if each one were a vase.

Wine glasses truly have a beautiful shape, and are a perfect avenue for your table decorations.

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