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Discover Yorba Linda Trails Urges New Home Builders in Southern California

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When you buy a new home, you’re not just buying a structure in a development, but settling into a community. You want you and your family to feel a sense of pride about where you live, so you can hold head up high when you invite friends over or mention an address to a repair person.

The Challenge

Discover Yorba Linda Trails” gives you a good sense of what the small city is all about. As reported in the Yorba Linda Star, Mayor Tom Lindsey introduced this challenge last month to encourage residents to discover over 100 miles of local trails.

“Walking is just a great exercise,” he says, having engaged in the activity since going through double knee-replacement surgery four years ago. “It’s not real hard on the body, and everyone can do it.” Taking the pledge means having to walk 100 miles in 2016. While you could get the job done in long marathon sessions, a more achievable goal is to walk a few miles a day.

Speed isn’t a factor, although the faster you move, the faster you’ll finish that mile. The activity can make a difference to your health and weight loss, especially if done consistently. According to The Big Walk, A 150-lb. person burns 85 calories a mile walking at 3 MPH or 109 calories at 5 MPH. The more weight you have, the more you burn: a 100 lb. person walking at 3 MPH, uses up 53 calories per mile. At 180 lbs, calorie burn goes up to 95, and at 250 lbs, it reaches 133.

Keeping Track

You can keep track of your progress in several ways. Good old pencil and paper is old school but requires no fancy tech. For a more automatic approach, walking apps are available for almost any smartphone. For example, Moves works on the iPhone or Android devices to automatically log your movement, which you must specify by hand. It even reminds you to get on your feet every day.

The official website for recording your effort is Map My Walk, which is available as a website and an app for both iOS and Android. You’ll need to create a free account but if you download the app, your smartphone automatically tracks your location using GPS and even talks to out loud to encourage your progress. Your distance, average pace, and map then appear on the website for everyone to applaud. ou’re also inspired by seeing how other walkers are doing. Naturally, you can leave or receive comments, or send and receive hearts.

More encouragement as well as postings of favorite trails are available on the Facebook page and Twitter feed of Yorba Linda Parks and Recreation.


You can view what available in the city through this map. However, the following trails are two of the most popular:

El Cajon Trail is the most convenient to owners of Brandywine Homes because it is literally next door to Covington and walking distance to our other developments. Stretching four miles on mostly paved path, the trail passes by the Phillip S. Paxton Equestrian Center, where you might catch a horse show; the Yorba Linda Community Center, which often holds events; and the Richard Nixon Presidential Library and Museum, which includes the 37th President’s boyhood home and his presidential helicopter.

Santa Ana River Trail. If you’re planning to conquer the challenge in two marathon sessions, then this is the trail for you. It runs for 50 miles from Huntington Beach to the San Bernardino Mountains. If you negotiate all its asphalt and concrete pathways, you’ll catch glimpses of Huntington Beach pier, Anaheim Stadium, and the Hidden Valley Wildlife Area. Entry points are available on many of the city bridges that cross the river trail.

If you want to know more about Yorba Linda as a community, or want a first-hand view of what new home builders in Southern California are up to, please contact us.