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Does Your Orange County Home for Sale Match Your Personality?

Seabright Townhomes

Poolside at our new home community Seabright in Costa Mesa, CA.

Most people consider the practical things when they’re looking at Orange County homes for sale.  For example, you’ll probably make sure that the home is big enough for you and your family’s needs.  You’ll also make sure it’s located in a safe, clean neighborhood with as many amenities located close by as possible. 

However, you may not stop to consider whether the home matches your personality because you may think this is something frivolous to consider.  But if it turns out that the home doesn’t match your personality, you’re probably going to be unhappy there.  The same is true of your family members.  So this is something you should consider before buying a home.  Here are a few tips to get you started:

  • Do you like spacious or cozy?  Most people love spacious homes.  They like it when the home has a lot of room and it’s easy to walk around in it.  However, this isn’t true of everybody.  Some people actually prefer cozy homes in which the rooms are small and snug.  If you and your family prefer a spacious home, you shouldn’t settle for something cozy and if you like a cozy home, there’s no need to go for something that is mansion-sized.  Think about what else you might be willing to sacrifice to get the kind of home you want.  For example, you may not mind sacrificing the presence of a few amenities in the neighborhood to get something larger.
  • Do you spend more time inside the home or outside?  Some people are homebodies.  They do everything within the home.  They work at home, relax at home, watch movies at home, even workout at home.  For such people, it’s important to have a nice home but not so important for there to be much to do around the home.  Other people love to spend time outside the home.  They go to work, cafés, restaurants, movie theaters, malls etc.  For these people, it would be a lot more convenient if there were places to go around the house. Brandywine Homes specializes in in-fill development, which means most of our homes are built in existing neighborhoods that often have shopping, restaurants and entertainment within walking distance. Check our neighborhoods out here.
  • What types of activities do you prefer?  Even people who are homebodies do tend to get out once in a while.  So before buying a home, everyone needs to ask themselves what types of activities they prefer to frequent.  Do you like cafés?  In that case, it might be nice to have a couple of cute cafés in the neighborhood.  Do you like to go out for drinks with your friends?  In that case, you’d probably like there to be a few bars in your neighborhood.  If you like shopping, you might want to live in a place which has a number of shops or malls.  If you like going to the gym, you might want to live close to one.  If you like running outdoors, the presence of a walking path will probably be important to you.  Make sure you buy a home in an area which has the activities you prefer.

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