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Don’t Buy A House Full of Problems! Look For These 7 Signs of Trouble When Looking At Homes For Sale

Some Homes For Sale could have serious underlying problems that the homeowner is trying to unload onto an unsuspecting first-time buyer, or someone easily fooled. Don’t let that happen to you when you are searching for your dream home. Look for these 7 warning signs that may indicate a serious problem and would be costly to fix for the new homeowner.

  1. Basement Has A Musty Smell- This could indicate a mold problem which could potentially cost thousands of dollars to remedy, especially if the mold is toxic. This is something to discuss with the current owners to find out if the basement has been treated for mold.
  2. House Sits Too Close To A School- Most people wouldn’t mind living near a school, but not next door or across the street from one. Living too close to a school means a heck of a lot of traffic everyday. This can mean a big problem if you are caught up in it going or coming home from work everyday
  3. Curling Shingles On the Rooftop-  Pay attention to the very top of the roof where the two angles meet. This is where the roof gets the most exposure to the elements and curling shingles could mean a new roof is needed in the near future. That could run you in the tens of thousands of dollars to replace. An expense a new homeowner certainly could do without.
  4. Cracks or Wide Gaps Below the Exterior Doors- This could indicate a shifting foundation and considerable structural issues that could take you to the cleaners if it could be fixed at all.
  5. Wet Spots In the Yard When It Hasn’t Been Raining-  If you are in a dry climate, look for an overabundance of green grass around the house, especially if the house is empty and the water is turned off. That will suggest some major plumbing leaks, or drainage problems. Dampness around the base of the house can create mold and a weakened foundation meaning costly structural damage.
  6. Tiny Hairline Cracks On the Ceilings and Walls- This too could mean serious structural damage to the foundation.
  7. Air Fresheners In Every Room- Too many air fresheners or scented candles could mean a cover-up of bad odors  in the flooring or sub-flooring such as pet urine which is almost impossible to get rid of. Where there is a concentration of pet urine means the flooring will have to be replaced.

When you are in the market to purchase your dream home, don’t allow it to end up a nightmare that will cost you much more than a good night’s sleep. Go slow, and be observant. Pay attention to the little things. Don’t go house-hunting when you are tired or after a stressful day. Look at homes for sale in the morning when you are refreshed and alert to these 7 signs of trouble, and finding the home of your dreams. We would love for you to contact us here at Brandywine Homes to assist you with your quest to find just the right home for you. By purchasing a new home, you wouldn’t have to worry about buying someone else’s problems, and it could be designed exactly however you want with custom floor plans, and everything brand new without any worry. We have been known to make dream homes come true!