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Eight Tips on Saving Up for Your First Home (Part 2)

Welcome back to the second half of this two-part article about saving up for your first home. There are many different techniques people use, but the most important thing to remember is to actually save money and make your plans. Last time we talked about managing your own expectations, setting your price range, making your savings accounts and the right mindset for your house hunting. If you missed the first half, read it here. For everyone who’s already caught up, let’s pick back up where we left off at point five:

5) Don’t Choose a House Right Away

The homes available the day you start saving are most likely not going to still be available when you are finally ready to make a down payment and cover all the title transfer, conveyancer and closing costs. To be fair, browsing the housing market is fun and it’s easy to get inspired thinking about what it might be like to own specific properties you like, but don’t get your heart set on any one house that’s available today. There will be others and you’ll love them just as much if not more when you’re financially ready to commit.

6) Change Your Lifestyle

If you’re really ready to settle down and own a house, you’re also ready to take on other more responsible behaviors. To help your savings efforts, consider cutting back on expensive hobbies and habits. Cook from scratch rather than going to restaurants. Stay in with a movie instead of going out to parties or other paid events, and take up inexpensive hobbies like gardening. Consider getting a second part-time job that pays entirely into your house fund or doing a little gig-economy work when you have free time.

7) Start Building Your Credit

One of the most important things about saving up for a home is making your money go further. When your credit score is high, you can get bigger loans and lower interest rates. The best way to do this is to pay off any standing debts and run most of your purchases through a cash-back credit card. This creates a steady stream of information in your credit report and as long as you pay the card off in full every month, your credit score will rise steadily.

8) Remember to Have Fun

Saving for a home can be hard and the last thing you want to do is sour your enjoyment of the real progress you’re making. Remember to reward yourself from time to time for a job well done with a special meal, outing or celebration at important milestones like your first thousand, five thousand and so on. When you make saving fun, you’ll be happy every time you put another deposit into that house fund and will be properly excited when it’s finally time to start looking for what will become your very first home.

Saving up for your first home can be one of the most difficult experiences in anyone’s life, no matter what age you start saving. The longer you can resist the urge to dip into your down payment savings, the nicer a home you can afford to invest in, not to mention the hundreds of choices to make when actually deciding on a home to buy. Will you choose a tiny starter home or save up to start big? Try for a historic neighborhood or enjoy being the very first person to live in a new construction? Whatever you decide, all it takes to achieve your homeowner dream is a few years of careful saving and a plan.

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