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Fall Fun and Festivities in Costa Mesa’s Seabright Community

The first year in any new home is full of exciting “firsts”: first night; first weekend; first dinner party; first barbecue. For families, there are different firsts: first day of school; first dinner out; first sleepover.

Each new season offers the introduction to a new community event, new neighbors and new decorating styles to compliment both the season and your new home. Autumn is a great season for its festive and fun activities. Getting your new Seabright home ready to celebrate is as much a part of the fun as the party itself.

If this is your first season in your new home, you already have a list of things to do – organizing, planning and perhaps even painting. A benefit of two fall holidays- Halloween and Thanksgiving – is that they share the color orange. Setting a decorating scheme that includes orange as a foundation color will free up your time and make transitioning between the two a really simple task.

To lay a foundation for the two holidays, start with orange tablecloths, accent pillows and hand towels in the kitchen and bath. They will add a festive note to celebrations all the way through to December 1. 


This holiday also comes with black, white, and purple as accents and complementary colors. Orange pumpkins can be carved, of course, but spray-painting them another color before carving them adds an unexpected pop on the front porch. Farmers Markets may also have gourds in different shapes and sizes. Often, the tough skin can be carved like a pumpkin and give a spooky “cousin pumpkin” glow to its orange companion.

Black and purple can take center stage at this time of year, evoking that spooky feeling. Black silhouettes of witches, ghosts and goblins can be applied to doors and windows. Door and window wreaths can be made from black or purple materials like crepe paper or foam.  Mock tombstones lining a driveway or sidewalk will signal candy offerings ahead.


The end of most harvest seasons, November offers delightful food and décor opportunities, even before you get to the Big Day. Plants and shrubs are losing their leaves, and revealing the beautiful shapes of their structure. They can be the centerpiece of a beautiful table setting. Sunflowers, corn stalks and husks and scarecrows can add holiday whimsy to your orange foundation items. If you included any of these items in your Halloween décor, decorating for this holiday may be as easy as removing those Halloween-specific items and leaving the rest on display.

Enjoy Fall Events

As you settle into your new Seabright neighborhood, be sure to get out into the community for these fun events:

Irvine Global Village Festival:

September 26 – Located at Bill Barber Park in nearby Irvine, this all day fest features a mosaic of over 50 different international cultures. Food, crafts and games make it memorable every year.

Irvine Park Railroad Pumpkin Patch:

Beginning September 19, this family-fun adventure includes hayrides, hay mazes, tractor races and more. Located at Irvine Regional Park, admission is free (but parking is $3 on weekdays and $5 on weekends).


October 17 – located at the Tucker Wildlife Sanctuary, this unique family-friendly activity introduces everyone to all things nocturnal, including bats.

Your new Seabright home by Brandywine Homes is nestled in the heart of an exciting community. To celebrate the holidays, the community and your new home in every season that follows, contact us today.