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Finding Serenity in Your Master Suite

At the end of a long day there is nothing more relaxing than retiring to your beautifully and thoughtfully decorated master suite. Fluffy pillows, cozy comforters and peaceful surroundings invite calm. If your master bedroom is more like a catchall for random kids’ toys, paperwork and mismatched furniture we’re here to help! Follow some of these guidelines to find your zzzzz’s and your Zen.

Textures are everything! Soften your space with pillows, extra blankets, an upholstered headboard and area rugs on hard floors. Upon entering you’ll immediately feel the comfort that surrounds you.

Nice, neutral colors. Let the rest of the house show off your bright and colorful side. In the bedroom, invite neutral palates that exude serenity and softness. If you’d like a pop of color, display it in your accessories or décor like the drapes or a soft blanket.

Put your furniture to work. Each piece should have a purpose to avoid clutter – bureaus for storing clothes, bedside tables for lamps and books and chairs or lounges for relaxing. Don’t store old bookcases, extra side tables or random seating here. Be thoughtful in what you want in this space.

Add a little glam. Consider lamps made of glass or shiny metallics, dressy finials or even a chandelier! These little five-star touches will have you feeling like you’ve checked into a relaxing resort at the end of the day.

The master suites we have designed in our Brandywine Homes range from cozy and functional to expansive and, sometimes, decadent. The size really doesn’t matter, however. Your peaceful snoozing space will emerge from how you choose to decorate and furnish it. Sweet dreams!