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Five Easy Ways to Keep Your Home Secure

Now that you’ve moved into your new home, you may want to try to make it a bit more secure. Even if you live in a safe neighborhood an ounce of prevention can still go a long way. Many of our Brandywine communities are gated, but you still may feel just a little bit safer with these tried and true ideas in place:

1. Window Coverings – During the day open them and let the light shine in, but once it gets dark, close them. They provide privacy and give the illusion that people are home, especially if a light is on. If you’re not going to be home you can have electronic ones drawn from your smart phone or you can hire a neighbor to open and close them for you.
2. Lights On. Lights Off. Keep potential intruders guessing if you are or are not home by staggering lights throughout the house. An easy way to do this is with timers. For those who are embracing smart home technology, you can switch lamps on and off directly from your smart phone.
3. Motion Sensors. Just like they sound, motion sensors will react to movement around your house and alert you either by an alarm or simply by turning outdoor lights on. A bright home is a very simple deterrent to someone who is considering it for a crime.
4. Lock the Car. Not only does this keep thieves out of your automobile, it limits the access to your house. Most people have their garage openers either stored electronically in their cars or have an actual opener. An unlocked car can inadvertently give someone direct access to your interior door.
5. Put Away That Ladder. Maybe you’re in the process of fixing your roof or installing decorations and putting away the ladder every day seems cumbersome. Think again. The ladder is giving a potential burglar access to your second floor. Lock the ladder up every day you’re not using it to keep bad guys at bay.

We never want to think that a crime can happen to us, but unfortunately no one is immune. Even the safest communities can experience some sort of unwelcome activity. Please feel free to talk to our sales representatives at our models to see what features, like alarms and smart home features, can be incorporated into your new home.