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Five Reasons Why We Love Open Floor Plans

Our new homes typically feature expansive ‘great rooms’ which function as spaces for family and friends to gather without feeling the constriction of walls and closed areas. The benefits of open floor plans are many which is why we love them. Here are few of the perks to this design style:

1. Open floor plans give the illusion of more space. Smaller homes tend to look and feel bigger when there are no boundaries to cut the room in half. High or vaulted ceilings help with this look too.

2. Decorating is a snap in open floor plans. There’s no need to cram furniture against walls and into corners when there are wide open spaces for thoughtful placement. Open floor plans allow for walk-around areas where the furniture acts as a border – not the wall.

3. Natural light abounds in these types of floor plans. Sunlight shines freely across rooms with nothing in its way to stop the beams. This can also help decrease electric bills without the need to turn on as many lights.

4. Parents love open floor plans because they can always keep up with their little ones most of the time! Preparing dinner? No problem – just peek over the kitchen island to make sure all is safe and sound when you don’t hear peep from them!

5. The holidays often seen throngs of guests arriving. With lots of open space you have room to entertain without feeling closed in. And with a few keenly purchased items like murphy beds and chairs that do double duty as sleep areas, you have more room for your overnight guests…you just don’t want to make it too comfortable for them or they may not leave!

When you buy a house, you want to ensure it’s the best fit for your family’s needs. Considerations like lots of space, a sense of togetherness and decorating and design are all well suited in a bright and airy expansive great room.

You can visit our Brandywine Homes models to see how we’ve incorporated spacious open floor plans into our designs. Visit our website to see which Southern California community is the one that best accommodates you.