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Five Tips For Landscaping Your New Seabright Home

A beautifully landscaped yard full of lovely flowering plants and greenery adds curb appeal to your home. It also creates a wonderful place for you to relax, play and entertain family and friends. Deciding which plants to use and where and how to plant them can be a daunting task. These five tips will make it easier for you to create a perfectly landscaped yard around your new Seabright home.

Determine The Look You Want

This is the crucial first step in the process of landscaping your yard. Your personal taste and the style of your home will both come into play when determining the look you wish to achieve for your landscaping. A traditional home, for example, would be best complimented by landscaping with a more formal feeling. On the other hand, a bungalow style home would be best accented by a less formal style of landscaping. Not sure what you want? Browse gardening magazines and talk to a local landscape specialist and you’ll likely get some great ideas. Check out some inspirational backyards in California on Houzz.

Choosing The Right Plants

One of the toughest parts of landscaping is choosing the right plants for the climate. Keep in mind that the Costa Mesa area is in USDA hardiness zone 10b which means that when choosing plants for this area, they must be able to tolerate temperatures as low as 35 degrees. In addition, you must be aware of the light, soil and water requirements of the plants. Some require full sun and lots of drainage while others prefer very wet soil and shade. Also take into consideration how tall and wide the plants grow when they are mature and whether they flower or fruit.

Preparation Of The Space

Before you can begin the process of landscaping your lawn, you have to determine exactly where the plantings will be. This can be done by simply making a sketch on paper or with a computer landscaping program or this free interactive garden design tool from Better Homes & Gardens. Decide exactly how large the planting areas will be and which types of plants will work best in each. Once you’ve settled on a location, mark out the areas with chalk, rope or a garden hose and adjust the perimeter to suit your tastes. New areas will need the grass, weeds and other debris removed and additional topsoil and fertilizers need to be added.

Managing The Project

You may have the best intentions when it comes to landscaping your property, but remember, it can be time-consuming, dirty work, and it can be physically demanding. Landscaping is much more than just putting plants in the ground and it is, by no means, easy to do, especially for those with little or no experience. If your landscaping project is ambitious, contact a landscaping company to discuss your project and its costs. A reputable, experienced company near Costa Mesa will be capable of handling your landscaping job from start to finish.

Ongoing Maintenance

Finally, keep in mind that no matter what type of landscaping you do, or how large the project is, you will need to maintain it. That means everything from watering and fertilizing to weeding, adding new plants, mowing and trimming. While these tasks may not seem like too much work individually, it can add up to a several days a week job if your property is large. As with the landscaping job itself, the maintenance of your yard and gardens is something you can easily hire out to a local lawn care company. Then, all you have to do is sit back and enjoy the beautiful yard you have created.

If you have questions about purchasing a Seabright home, landscaping or anything else related, please contact us. Our staff of highly trained professionals will be more than happy to answer any questions you have, anytime. We look forward to hearing from you.