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Five Ways to Destress Your Home

You have a busy life that can turn frantic in the blink of an eye. Sometimes, it feels as though there’s no respite from the day-to-day pressures that follow you wherever you go. Your home, however, shouldn’t be adding to that stress! We’ve got some great ideas, from carving out a relaxing nook to keeping your house fresh and clean with less effort on your part, that will help turn your home into the amazing retreat you deserve. Watch your stress slide away when you finally arrive at home with these great suggestions.

Create a Relaxing Corner

You need a cozy nook where you can let the world disappear and curl up with a good book, settle back with a cup of coffee, or just breathe in serenity. Some great ideas:

• Create a tropical getaway. Use wallpaper that reminds you of your favorite beach scene or have a scene painted that makes you feel as though you’re relaxing in your favorite location.
• Add comfortable furniture. Your relaxing corner isn’t the place for furniture that’s pretty rather than functional. Instead, use furniture that encourages you to cuddle up and get comfortable.
• Use serene colors. Deep blues and greens, quiet pastels or rich colors: choose hues that evoke serenity in you.
• Don’t restrict yourself to staying indoors. An outdoor nook can be just as relaxing – or even more so – than an indoor one! Take advantage of plants that include your favorite relaxing scents or that are easy to keep alive. Using plants that will help keep bugs away will make your outdoor retreat even more relaxing.

Design Your Own Spa

There’s nothing like a spa getaway to help you feel relaxed and ready to tackle all the challenges the world throws your way – but you can’t afford to head off to a spa every weekend, either. Create your own oasis right in your own bathroom, including:

• A full-sized bathtub with jets or a shower with an adjustable head that will keep water at your preferred pressure.
• Perfect bathroom scents like lavender and eucalyptus, whether in candle form, by using essential oils or in your soap dispenser.
• Luxurious bath salts and other relaxing additions that you feel free to use whenever you need to kick back and relax.
• Waterproof sound options that will have you delighting in everything from your favorite relaxing music to rain forest or ocean sounds.
• Thick, luxurious bath mats or pebbled mats that offer a great texture underneath your feet.
• High-quality bath towels that will make you feel pampered each time you wrap them around yourself.

Watch Your TV Time

Removing electronics – especially the television – from your bedroom is one great way to help decrease your stress levels and let you get a better night’s sleep. Make sure you turn off the television and enjoy mindful eating, conversation and quality time with your loved ones. You’ll find you feel much more relaxed when you’re present in the moment instead of constantly focusing on other things.

Check Your Kitchen

Your kitchen can be an oasis of relaxation or a source of greater stress every day. Several simple tips can make it easier to clean up your diet and feel better every day – and even significantly reduce your stress levels.

• Ditch the junk food. It might be called “comfort food,” but that comfort is temporary and will often end with you feeling grumpier than before.
• Add a little flavor to your water. Whether you prefer lemon, cucumber or cinnamon, you’ll find flavored water simply feels luxurious.
• Purchase plenty of healthy snacks so when the urge comes to munch, you’re not left with only chips and candy.
• Rethink your side dishes. Healthy whole grains, legumes and veggies are much better for your body and your mood than simple starches.

Make Cleaning Easy

Your home can be the most relaxing place in the world, but if you’re constantly stuck in a cycle of needing to clean, you’ll find it hard to kick back and relax. Instead, try decluttering and getting rid of the items around your home you no longer want or need. You’ll find it will significantly free up room for things you really do wan – and that bring you joy! Creating a cleaning schedule can help make your home into an oasis instead of making it a further source of stress.

You need a home you enjoy spending time in every day – a place that is truly a relaxing relief from the everyday hustle and bustle and stress. By utilizing these simple strategies, you can reduce your stress and turn your home into the relaxing place you’ve always wanted it to be. Need help finding that perfect home.

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