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Freeways Connecting Your New Home in North Orange County

Good schools, low unemployment, plenty of shopping at all price ranges, world-renown theme parks, miles of beaches, lots of cultural activities: these are just some of the things that make Orange County a great place to live. They, in part, form the reasons that Brandywine Homes builds its developments in the area.

However, because a lot of people want to live in Orange County, they all bring their cars, which can make for some heavy congestion at times. You can use the following strategies that long-time locals use to get around the traffic. You’ll find them useful from any of our current or upcoming properties in Yorba Linda, such as Covington or Provence. 


Before starting on your trip, browse the SigAlert traffic report. This unique Southern California term originated in the 1940s when local radio reporter, Loyd Sigmon, broadcast dispatches that he received from the Los Angeles Police Department about bad car accidents. He eventually developed an electronic device used by authorities to alert the media of disasters. The California Department of Transportation (Caltrans) then started using the term for any traffic tie up affecting two or more lanes of freeway for two or more hours.

Routes in green mean clear sailing. Those in red mean trouble. Click on a diamond icon for more descriptions of any traffic incidents, such as an injury crash. Move your cursor to a camera icon to show a live still image of the freeway. 

Live Traffic Cameras

If you need to see moving traffic in real time, check out the Live Traffic Cameras site administered by Caltrans. You’ll need to scroll to the very bottom to see cams posted at major exits for the 5, 57, 55 and 22 freeways. Click the link to view the live video.

State Route 57 (Orange Freeway)

The 57 freeway is the closest north-south freeway to Brandywine’s neighborhoods. Heading north, it intersects with the 60 and 10 before ending at the 210 freeway. Heading south it passes the 91 and terminates at I-5 and the 22.

To get to the 57, you head west on Yorba Linda Boulevard. Traffic can get heavy but is not usually stop-and-go. This freeway is generally congested going south during the morning rush hour when commuters from outlying cities like Pomona, Chino Hills, Diamond Bar and West Covina come in. During the afternoon rush, commuters head back north causing congestion in that direction.

The 57 has a carpool lane in both directions, which can speed you along if you have two or more in your car. However, if you’re going south and transitioning to I-5 south, get off the carpool lane and take the regular exit to I-5. Because of the way the carpool lanes were designed, the carpool transition from the 57 to I-5 south is always congested, even when there’s no traffic.

State Route 91 (Riverside Freeway)

The closest east-west freeway is the 91. Going west, it hits the 5, 605, 710 and ends in the 110. Going east, it intersects the 15, the route to Las Vegas, 215, 10 and 210.

To get to the 91, head east on Yorba Linda and then south on Imperial Highway, which rarely has traffic.

The 91 Freeway gets congested in the morning going west, as commuters from outlying areas head to jobs in the county. In the afternoon, congestion hits east as those commuters return home. From Yorba Linda westward, the carpool lanes on the 91 can ease your journey. However, if you’re heading eastward from Yorba Linda, you’ll need to take the toll roads to bypass traffic.

If you want to know more about getting to and from our Orange County developments, or want to tour one, please contact us.