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Get Artistic and Think Outside the Box to Organize Your New Home in Torrance, California

Everyone makes an effort to keep their new home organized, at least for a while.  But after a few months, you might find that everything is becoming chaotic again.  You might be an organized person, but if you have a family, it’s normal to have a bit of clutter.  However, you don’t want things to get to the stage where you start feeling it’s getting out of control. So it’s a good idea to organize your new home in such a way that it will be easy for you to maintain it in the future.  Here are a few ideas to help you get settled in and organized in your new home in Torrance.

Pack What You Need. 

The best time to begin your organizational efforts is before you move.  You’ve probably been living in your old home for a while and you know where all the clutter is.  There are probably many things you’ve been thinking about getting rid of—clothes you don’t wear, paperwork you don’t need anymore, books you haven’t touched in years and toys that your kids have outgrown.  It’s always difficult to throw things away.  But it’s psychologically less difficult to pack the good stuff and leave the stuff you don’t need behind (to be packed up and disposed off later).  Just pretend that you’re going on a long vacation and take all your favorite things with you.

Pack Similar Things Together. 

This article from Real Simple magazine says you need to keep things that are similar in the same place.  If your stapler is in one drawer, your pens in another and your note cards in a third, you’re going to lose track of what you have in terms of stationery.  So you might go out and buy something you already have.  Instead, it’s a good idea to consolidate all these items.  And what better time to do this than when you’re packing?  Keep each box for different types of things.  This will make it easier to unpack and organize everything when you reach your new home.

Become Artistic.

A great way to motivate yourself is to organize in an artistic way.  Get all your picture frames together, put up a shelf to display them all and then play around with the arrangement until you come up with one you like.  Remember that all the frames don’t have to match.  And you can put old black-and-white and new color photos near each other.  The idea is to create a lovely display of what you already have, rather than trying to match everything.

Think Outside the Box. 

 Sometimes, we get used to using the same things for organizing our stuff—DVD towers for DVDs, bookcases for books, closets for clothes etc.  Keep in mind that there are many other organizing options.  DVDs can be placed in books with DVD sleeves.  Books can be organized on a bookcase, on floating shelves or at the back of your work desk, with the help of bookends.  You can even place them on the window sill.  Clothes can go in chests of drawers as well as your closet.  They can be folded or hung, and organized by color or function.  Think of all the various options before you come up with one that works for you.  This great article from Real Simple magazine gives you 31 organizational ideas out of which at least a few are bound to work for you.

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