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Get Creative With Your Space: How to Create a Home Yoga Studio

Woman Meditating in the Lotus Position

Your home is your sanctuary. It’s the place where you relax, unwind from a busy day, and make memories. It is also the perfect place to create a home yoga studio. Many people are interested in yoga, but they just don’t have time to take weekly classes. You shouldn’t have to give up the benefits of yoga simply because you don’t have time to drive across town to a yoga studio and take an hour-long class. If you’re someone who loves yoga, but simply doesn’t have the time for classes, consider creating a space for yoga right inside your own home. If you’re a yoga beginner, an at-home studio is the perfect place for you to learn. Try these free yoga instruction videos to help you begin your yoga journey. The way you decorate your space, and the functions you give each room, are unique to you. Here are a few helpful tips for creating the perfect yoga space.

What You’ll Need
A Yoga Mat – Your first, and most obvious, necessity is a good yoga mat. Have fun with the design, and choose one that reflects your personal style, or match it to the rest of the decor in your yoga space.
A Yoga Towel – Sometimes a yoga mat isn’t sufficient in helping you hold a pose. If you get sweaty, or need a better grip, a yoga towel will come in handy. It’s a small, simple, purchase that will go a long way to help you hold those harder poses.
A Meditation Pillow – If you like to include meditation in your yoga routine, a meditation pillow is a great item to add to your yoga space. If you haven’t meditated before, you should consider trying it, as it’s a great tool for a peaceful mind.
Lighting – Dim lighting is always great for yoga. It creates an intimate and relaxed feel. While lamps are great, consider using lanterns instead. You can get creative with the style and color, and add as many as you want. Lanterns give a more exotic atmosphere than lamps, and create a calming environment for your yoga space.
Plants – Plants are great for any room in your house, and your yoga sanctuary is no exception. Plants bring a bit of nature into your home.
Candles – Candles, like plants, are great for decorating any room in your home. Fill your yoga studio with calming scents and a soothing glow by adding a few candles to the room.
A Portable Speaker – Music, or soothing soundscapes, are the perfect way to clear your mind of day-to-day stress, and help you focus on yoga.

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