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GlobeSt: “South Bay Needs For-Sale Homes”

Brandywine Homes





By Kelsi Maree Borland | Los Angeles

LOS ANGELES—Brandywine Homes has broken ground on Brighton, a community of 60 single-family for-sale homes in Carson. The location has a high demand for for-sale housing, but has been historically underserved. This development will provide an affordable for-sale housing option to the community with homes starting at $500,000.

“Our vision for Brighton was to create an enclave of new homes with everything that a buyer expects including energy efficiency, modern amenities, contemporary floor plans yet that was close to where they may already live or where they want to live,” Dave Barisic, VP at Brandywine Homes, tells The area as grown exponentially in the past few years, thanks to an increase in jobs, most notably in the healthcare, aerospace and import/export industries. The community is within commuting distance to 3.1 million jobs. “Combine that with a severe lack of new home inventory, and the demand is outrageous,” adds Barisic.

Bandywine purchased the already entitled land from another developer, so the pre-planning process has been “relatively painless,” according to Barisic. The community, which is adjacent to the growing South Bay market, will have 60 detached houses ranging in size from 1,564 to 1,966 square feet, and it will target singles, couples and growing families working nearby.

“This is a high-barrier-to-entry market, as are most “infill” markets,” says Barisic. “That is our specialty though, so Brighton fits in very well with our core business plan.” This is one of several for-sale home communities that Brandywine homes is developing in the Los Angeles area. In general, the developer focuses on underserved communities with a high demand for affordable for-sale homes.