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Home Building Firms vs. Custom Home Building Contractors

Is there an advantage/disadvantage to hiring a homebuilding firm like Brandywine vs. hiring a building contractor who does nothing but build custom homes?

Since our custom home division is staffed by experienced builders, we don’t see any disadvantages.  Where clients might see an advantage is in the cost of materials.  Because of our relationships we have cultivated with suppliers and vendors and the volume that is associated with our production home operation, we tend to receive the best possible pricing out there in the marketplace.



The attention to quality construction and detail that Whitehead brings to his role with our company is one of the reasons many of our customers have purchased second and third Brandywine homes.

As vice president of operations, Whitehead’s duties include overseeing construction, purchasing and customer service. Since joining our company in 1995, he has established long-term relationships with material suppliers and subcontractors which have allowed Brandywine Homes to benefit from master contracts. This helps to minimize construction costs while maintaining a quality that shows in every completed home, which is a testament to the quality control and attention to customer service that Brandywine demands.

Whitehead learned the business from the ground up by working as a field superintendent overseeing daily operations and construction of various communities in Southern California.

His ability to work closely with municipal officials during the entitlement process sets the stage for Brandywine and cities to work together to create cohesive communities.