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How Much House Do You Need?

From castles to tiny homes to everything in between lies the perfect-sized home for you and your family. But how do you know how much you need? Some people want a bedroom and a bathroom for everyone living there with lots of space to spread out, while others prefer the coziness of a smaller house adorned with less stuff. But maybe this is your first or last home and you just don’t know? Consider these four ideas to determine what your perfect amount of space is.

To Share or Not to Share – If you have children, determine how you’d like them to spend their time. There are parents who swear their close relationship they have today is directly related to sharing bedroom space with their siblings as children. Or you may want to encourage individuality by giving each of your kids his/her own room. It’s a very personal choice.

Budget Friendly Spaces – It’s no secret a smaller house will cost less. Not just from the initial output of money to purchase the house, but also in the cost of utilities, furnishings, landscaping (if the lot matches the house) and even insurance. If money is not a huge concern, spreading out may be the right option for you. If you’re more apt to save those excess dollars for items like travel, college or private school, then smaller may be better.

More Options – With a larger home comes a few luxurious perks – an ensuite, a dedicated laundry room, an office. If these rooms aren’t on your must have list, then by all means, do without! While a home office could be important to a couple starting out in their careers, it might not be as important to someone recently retired.

Cleaning Just Got Real – Upstairs, downstairs, the bonus room, the living room and the extra bathrooms all need to be cleaned regularly. How much time do you have and really want to spend on the upkeep of a lot of space? On the other hand, if you love to clean (and there are people who do!) or can afford a cleaning service, this may not be an issue.

Regardless of the size of your home, the most important part of it will be the love inside and memories you make within each room…large or small. Brandywine Homes offers houses from smaller townhomes to expansive luxury estates. We know whatever you choose, you’ll love it and you’ll always adore coming home at the end of a busy day.