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How to Let Your Travel Adventures Inspire Your Home Décor

The riches and experiences of traveling can often be recreated in your home invoking memories of past journeys. Special items picked up along the way can be incorporated subtly into everyday use and décor with a little thought and careful placement. Following are some ways to show off the memories and souvenirs you’ve collected during your holidays:

Caribbean Pops of Color
The Caribbean islands are known for their vibrant color palates. Fun tropical accessories like pillows, tea towels and fabrics purchased in street markets can be placed in rooms like kitchens and bathrooms for fun pops of color in unexpected places. Don’t overdo it though – a little pop goes a long way!

She Sells Seashells
Who doesn’t love lazily collecting seashells along a long sandy beach? But once you’ve collected them, now what? It’s easy to throw them into a basket, but there are other fun ways to incorporate your collection into your home. If you have mad DIY skills, you can glue them along the edge of a mirror or picture frame, or for a simple boost of texture, fill a pretty vase with your seaside treasures and place on a glass vanity tray in your bathroom or bedroom.

Don’t Be a Basket Case
People in Africa and Native American locales are known for their superbly intricate and beautiful basket weaving skills, so you may be tempted to purchase more than you planned. Keeping in mind your purchases are to remind you of your experiences, why not use them as vessels for storage. Although they may not be out for display, you can use them in cabinets, closets and under sinks. Each time you take something out, you’ll be transported back to when you bought them.

Pile Up the Tiles
Spain, Mexico, Portugal and Morocco all produce unbelievably beautiful tiles, and it is very tempting to load your luggage with these little treasures only to return home saying, “What am I going to do with these now?” Why not dedicate some permanently to your home by using them as a unique backsplash or small countertop? If you’re crafty you can tile a serving tray to be used over and over again reminding you of where you’ve been.

Decorating with your travel tchotchkes not only brings back wonderful memories, but also starts meaningful conversations with your guests. These little souvenirs can provide interesting, colorful and useful elements for your home to be treasured for many, many years.

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