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How to Select the Perfect Paint Color

When choosing a paint color for your interior walls you could simply spin the color wheel and see where it lands, or you can consider these tips to figure out the best hue for your rooms:

Get Inspired
Inspiration can be drawn from anything from a patchwork blanket to the deep shade of a scented candle. This inspirational color doesn’t have to be the main shade in the room, but it can be the accent color. The next step is to match a neutral and other complementary hues that brings out the best from your inspired vision.

Neutral Doesn’t Mean Boring
It also doesn’t mean eight shades of beige or white (although that can be fun too!). There are warm neutrals colors on many palettes from greens to grays to creams to blues. Pick one that goes best with the other colors you plan to accessorize with like your furniture, your window coverings, your flooring, etc.

Test Your Swatch
Don’t trust the little one-inch by one-inch paper swatch from the store. Although they can give you an idea of what you want, your best bet is to purchase actual samples. They often run for under $3. Buy a few and some little disposable brushes too. When you get home paint them on various areas of your room…by doors, by windows, next to your furniture pieces, etc., so you can see how they look in different light. Pay close attention to how the change from daytime to evening.

Stalk Pinterest
There are so many wonderful pins available with color palettes that represent sunsets, the beach, the sky, etc. This a fantastic way to see what colors work well with each other and what ones you might want to avoid. Save your pins under different rooms so you can really focus on where you want that color to go. Filing them all together can be a bit overwhelming. You can even drill down further…have a file for blue bedrooms, grey bedrooms, etc., so you can really see your options.

When you buy a new house from Brandywine Homes, you will have the chance to work closely with a designer who can help you with your color schemes. They are not only experts, but also have access to samples of the other design elements you will likely have in your room like wood or tile floors, carpeting and cabinet colors. Visit our website to see which dream home you’re inspired to paint in the colors of your choice!