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Los Angeles County Homes for Sale: Bedroom Ideas For Your Little Sports Fanatic

This bedroom at Castella is sure to make your little one feel right at home.

Moving forces everyone to adjust and adapt to all the changes we will face. Moving also forces us to develop routines that are fresh and new. However, we can all adjust after very little time, but what about our children? Young children may need to take additional time to adapt to new surroundings, and they will sometimes be upset about leaving their home to move into another one.

Children will form a heartfelt connection to their home, especially if that is the home they have lived in since they were a couple of days old. Children also develop lasting connections with their bedrooms; informing them they will have a new bedroom can be a huge blow to their system. It can take some time for your child to adjust to the thought of having a new bedroom, but there are some things you can do to help your child adjust.

With the sports season in full effect, your big sports fan will love sleeping in a bedroom that features his or her favorite team. Boys and girls love sports, so it does not matter if you are looking for sports-themed bedroom ideas for your son or daughter, you will be sure to give your little one or big one of the coolest bedrooms in the neighborhood.

If your sporty child loves basketball, football, soccer, cheerleading, etc., you should consider all of these ideas so you can be well on your way to creating a fun sports room your child will love.


You can find affordable sports-themed bedding your sports fanatic will absolutely love. You can find bedding that represents the specific team of your sports fan, or you can choose bedding that simply represents your child’s favorite sport. When you choose bedding your child loves, he or she will feel a sense of comfort falling asleep every night. Good sleep matters, and finding the perfect bedding for your child can make a huge difference for your child. Many children love sleeping in their beds when it is covered in their favorite sheets, pillows and blankets.

Painting the Walls

If you want to quickly give your child’s room a sporty feel, make sure you paint the walls of the colors of their favorite team. If your child is a fan of the Los Angeles Lakers, you can paint the walls or borders of the wall in purple and gold. If your child loves basketball but does not have a favorite team, you can use the colors of a basketball as the wall paint colors. A wall that has brown and orange colors will immediately remind your child of a basketball.

If you want to do more than paint the wall, you can use pendants to line the borders of the ceiling. You can also shake things up by painting the ceiling in your child’s bedroom. Can you imagine the excitement in your child’s eyes when he or she notices his ceiling is painted to look like a football field or a basketball court? Your child will love looking at the ceiling and dreaming of becoming a professional athlete before he or she falls asleep.

Accents for the Room

If you want to use bedroom extras that are easily interchangeable, we suggest you use some cool accents, including pillows and rugs. You can find affordable pillows and rugs shaped like footballs, basketballs, soccer balls, etc. The pillows can easily be placed on the bed, floor or chair.

Bring Out the Trophies

If your little one or big one is an athlete, you can create a shelf that showcases his or her accomplishments. You can display trophies, pendants, medals, etc. This is an excellent way to decorate your child’s new bedroom. Your child will be able to add more trophies to the shelf as he or she gets older. Your child will constantly be reminded of his or her accomplishments every single day.

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