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Luxurious Designer Touches

Living a luxurious lifestyle doesn’t have to cost a fortune. There are a few tricks and illusions you can incorporate into your home to give the appearance of living large on a smaller budget. Of course, there may be some higher end investments, but typically, achieving this look doesn’t have to break your pocket book. Here’s how:

1. Classical neutral colors tend to stand the test of time and don’t look trendy, which can also be construed as less expensive. Look for classic textures, colors and patterns for a more upscale image.
2. Decorating with fresh flowers instead of silk will always boost your décor. Look for bouquets right from your garden or invest once or twice a week with some beautiful inexpensive bouquets from your local supermarket. Trader Joe’s has a very nice selection of reasonably priced, exotic flowers.
3. Touches of metallics or reflective items can add a little pizzazz to a room instantly. Nothing says glamor like shiny objects such as brass candlesticks, silver tea services and mirrored trays.
4. Splurge where you can. This doesn’t necessarily mean purchasing new expensive items. There are many online sites you can search for gently used furniture and items that exude glamour and luxury, but with a lesser price tag. Look for items with marble, gold, wood, leather, etc.

A lot of the excitement of moving into a new home is making your mark on it from the very beginning. Be sure to look at Brandywine Homes’ individual neighborhood image galleries online, or better yet, visit the models in person to imagine how you can glam up your new home with your own personal luxurious style!