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Make Your New Home Kid Safe

You are excited about buying a new home for your family. You will make many wonderful memories and share fun times. As you are getting ready to make the purchase and move in focus on whether the new home is kid safe. This will help you minimize the number of memories that involve trips to the hospital and maximize those that are of the family enjoying time together. 


In 2014 over 2 million Americans called poison control. Children under the age of 6 are especially at risk. Therefore, it is important to keep all chemicals out of sight and out of reach.

If possible, make sure all cleaning products are in a locked cabinet that young children cannot open. It is also recommended they be kept up high so if the cabinet is left open they can’t reach them.  Ideally the chemicals for the entire household would be stored in one place instead of throughout the house. And don’t forget about dangers in the garage such as coolant, oil and gas. Again, keeping them out of reach and out of sight is best. 


Many dangers are present in the kitchen. Sharp knives, hot stoves and more can be dangerous for young kids. Think about safety when are you planning how you will arrange your new kitchen. Locate the knives out of reach. Keep the high chair far away from the stove and any other hot or sharp kitchen appliance.  


Many families use gates to keep toddlers safe around stairways. Consider blocking off the top and bottom of any stairways in your new home so your child can’t try to climb up or down when you aren’t with them. 


Use outlet plugs to keep little fingers from exploring the holes. This is a simple and inexpensive way to protect your child. 


The cords on blinds can be a strangulation hazard. According to Parents for Window Blind Safety a child can be strangled by the cord in less than one minute. When purchasing new blinds for your new home look for ones that do not have or need a cord.  

Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detectors

Your new home is likely equipped with smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. These are important in helping you get out of the house safely. Part of getting out safely is knowing the plan. Form a plan with your family. How will you get out of each room in the house in case of emergency? Where will you meet as a family? The National Fire Protection Agency recommends you practice fire drills as a family at least twice a year. Make sure you set off the detectors so all family members know what they sound like.  


When people think of accidental poisoning they think of cleaning chemicals but medications can also be poisonous. Keep medications out of reach of young children who may think they are candy. If you have teenagers in the home, you may want to hide medications from them as well. According to the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy children ages 1-4 and 15-19 are at the greatest risk of medication poisoning. 

You want your new home to be a place you can relax. By taking the above steps to make it kid safe you will be able to. Contact us to learn more about being a new homeowner.